Sales July 10, 2020

What are your favorite sales resources for beginners?

Richard Chu @richardchu

I'm just now getting started with cold emailing, and I'm wondering what the best practices + tips are.

So, any great sales resources that you've found? Could be books, articles, etc. List them below!

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    Hey Richard. I have this pain point as well. I went through this course which helped a bit into understanding the psychology behind a transaction as well as how to properly configure your CRM but it left so many questions unanswered. If you are on your early stages I can recommend a book which is not a sales book but it will help you land your first customers. It's called The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick. It's so good they even made it part of the mandatory reading list for all YC participants. Hope this helps! apart from this you have the usual sales bibles but from what I understood they are applicable after you are sure you have PM Fit: Crossing the Chasm and Blue Ocean Strategy.

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      Hey Tiago!

      Thanks for mentioning Sales for Founders :)

      I'm releasing a new, improved and free version of the course in two weeks.

      Mind me asking what questions you felt were unanswered or what challenges the version of the course you took didn't equip you to handle?

      It'd be super useful to know that stuff to make sure it's covered in the new version :)

      If you're still struggling with sales, I'd love to give you some free 1-on-1 coaching on a call, in return for learning about what you felt was missing. Just shoot me an email if you're interested!

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        Hi Louis! Thanks again for the great course. Feel free to reach me by email (its on my indiehackers profile) and I'll be happy to give you extra feedback!

  2. 1 has good content often. Their free & virtual user conference is this week and would probably be a good idea to keep an eye on that.

    I build my first outbound sequence a year ago and have been nerding out about it since. Some advice and learnings.

    1. Build the entire sequence before launching. Don't just write the first X emails and plan to write future ones when prospects run out of emails in the sequence.

    2. The sequence should last about as long as the typical sales process.

    3. Put videos in the sequence using bombbomb, vidyard or dubb.

    4. Emails didn't drive a ton of response for me... they were warmups for cold calls. With Covid, cold calls don't work - so I am leaning more heavily on video.

    5. The best possible advice is to really, really, really take the customer's perspective. Like, don't mention your product in the first email. Sending stuff that's valuable to the recipient will always get the most engagement.

    6. Take your first, best guess at content and then redo it every 6 months minimum.