Creator Economy February 4, 2021

What are your favorite tools that empower the Creators?


Hey, I'm interested in discovering new tools that empower creators. So far, my favorites are :

👉 Stir, where creators run their business.

👉 Fanhouse, where creators connect directly with their fans and earn money by growing their exclusive, authentic community.

👉 Beacon, where creators create their website.

👉 Jemi, where creators can earn money interacting with their fans by selling anything from autographed merch, monthly fan group Zoom calls, video shoutouts

Do you know any other tools that could help the creators ? 😎

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    Another self plug :

    Collect text annotations and bookmarks in a single place. While its aimed at a very general purpose usage, I'll be releasing a few key features targeted towards content creators in the next few weeks.

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    Self plug :

    A faster way to shape, test and sell ideas online.

    Check it out!

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      Wow love the design, and the product seems easy to use!! 🤩

      Except that you're bringing an excellent design, what is the difference between your product and Gumroad?

      I like Jemi as it allows creators to test different ways to monetize their audience easily. After creators found what works for them, Jemi helps them (for the merch, for example). It seems like your product try to solve the same needs, right?

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        Thanks for your kind words! 🙏🏻☺️

        One difference is the audience. We’re targeting solo-entrepreneurs / nocode builders primarily.

        Another is a focus on pre-launch validation (over monetization).

        Whenever you have a new product idea, it can be tempting to immediately start building. With NoCode, an MVP is just days, sometimes even hours, away.

        Unfortunately, this often results in products nobody wants to buy. Meaning all that effort put in to building your MVPs was for nothing...

        In a nutshell:

        👉 Understanding what your audience wants.

        👉 Saving time and money spent building something no-one wants.

        👉 Monetising your idea before you build it

        Sneak-peek helps you validate in two ways:

        ✅ Interest List: See if people are interested in the idea (Today)

        ✅ Pre-orders: Find out if people are willing to pay for the idea (Tomorrow)

        To sum up, The ultimate test for a nocode product is when you drop a paywall. If you can convert users to paying for something that is not fully ready, that’s the ultimate sign of respect that you’re solving a real problem.

        Sneak-Peek is empowering nocode builders to get to that decision very quickly. Build it or Kill it?

        Hope that makes sense?? ☺️

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          Oooh, now it makes sense. It's super smart to take something that works well for the creators and bringing it to the no-code space. As a no-coder myself, I know that there is a need, and I'm sure you're onto something. I wish you all the best with this product! 💪

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            Thank you so much Eliot! Great chatting to you. 😊

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    My side project,, a website builder designed specifically for creators and influencers to own, grow, engage, and monetize their audiences.

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    Shameless plug: -> empowering creators to create awesome videos, FAST 🚀

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      Ahah, I already knew your site! 🙃

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    substack for sure. really loving it and have for a while now.

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      Sure, Substack allowed a lot of people to become creators. I wonder how Substack will evolve now that the "newsletter war" is on (Twitter acquired Revue, Facebook is building its Newsletter tool..) ?

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        i've been around for 20+ years on this stuff....

        .. it's not going away. platforms come and go. :)

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        Related: One really important consideration when choosing your creator economy stack is whether you'll own your customer data + content. Some more info on :)

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          Super interesting, thanks for posting 🙏

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          that's very cool.

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