What are your goals for 2021?

  • Reach 6 figures annually with Embarque.io 🤞
  • Be more active and engage on LinkedIn. We love to hate it, but for b2b, it’s probably where most of your clients are.
  • Learn more about sales. It’s our biggest funnel for Embarque, but I’ve been more scrappy than intentional with my approach.
  • Hire someone to build Embarque’s marketing processes. I handle everything, so marketing always ends up being at the end of my list. I want to change that.
  • Play more with no-code tools, especially Bubble.io

What are yours?

  1. 4

    Okay, let me be very realistic and humble:

    1. Get 1k MRR for (Pingr)[https://pingr.io]. It's possible to make more, but it turned out that big goals don't work for me. Better to go step-by-step
    2. Launch second and third version of Pingr on PH (I already know what will be the features). Very probable that it'll happen.
    3. Get some money reserve, say, $10 000 just in order to exist if I lose my income or decide to leave my job or something.
    4. haha: reduce my fat percentage :D Want to have ~14% + the rest should be muscles 💪
    1. 1

      Good luck! Same for 4, tbh. Sticking to a routine and having a protein intake of 25g/protein 5x a day does the trick for me! I weigh 70kg haha.

      1. 1

        Woah, you took protein 5x times per day? As well as usual meals? Looks like a lot?

        Plus, "sticking to a routine" = what do you mean, gym?

        I was able to lose a significant amount of weight in spring when I took 1500 kcal daily. But now again gained a lot of weight because of stress: I usually eat when I stress out =\

        Thank you! :)

        1. 1

          yeah, lol. i run marathons and already did some strength training beforehand, so it's all a matter of tapping into my muscle memory.

          in terms of diet, most of what i eat consists of protein (e.g. lentils, chicken, eggs, etc.) and rice, so yeah it can get quite excessive. but it helps me stick to my objectives.

          haha i don't eat when stressed. in fact, sometimes, i get sick from not eating, so i try to be balanced with my diet, in terms of nutrients. v important to stay healthy during the pandemic.

          yeah, routine=work, learning, going to the gym and eating.

          1. 2

            Ouch, you run marathons :) No questions anymore, for sportmen it's totally fine to take so many protein

            I'm out, my lazy ass cannot even go to gym. Though I used to go there quite a lot in the past :)

  2. 3

    My single-minded goal is to replace my income with weekendclub.co subscription revenue, or roughly $5k MRR. We're currently on $1,104.

    It's gonna be wild!

    1. 1

      Onward and upward!!!!

  3. 2
    • Do more and more video content
    • Improve my brand and be more congruent with it
    • Grow my service for Non technical Founders who wanna bring their ideas to life and guiding them on which no-code tools to use with my No Code Adviser service
    • Learn more about sales aswell. Actively recruiting my first customers
    1. 2

      Yesssssssss. I can't wait to follow your journey Jay ;).

  4. 2

    My goal is to make https://addpotion.So my full time income. Pretty challenging goal as I just got started recently.

    1. 2

      This looks pretty cool! Simplify your questionnaire though haha! "What features would you like to see in Potion?" needs to be a set of checkboxes, because I have no clue what kind of features to suggest.

      This is coming from someone who might be interested in your product :D.

      1. 1

        Thanks! Hmm I'm hoping that some people will have some suggestions. I guess I'm thinking that most people will know what I have been building as I have shared a lot about it in public on Twitter.
        I am hoping to get feedback out of the waitlist.

  5. 2

    I outline my goals & themes for next year in the wiki.

    Mostly the focus is on releasing a learning site I am building and doing more deep work/study.

    1. 1

      This is so appealing to me. In 2020, I've realised that nothing makes me happier than these 2 things: learning and buildng.

      In terms of personal goals, 2021 will be the year I'll optimise my life towards those 2 things!!!

      I'll follow your journey!

  6. 2

    I plan to go berserk with Red Goose 🧧🦆 in the year 2021.

    I am trying my level best to achieve the following by 2020 for that:

    • Complete writing code for the app engine and bugfixes.
    • Write documentation for the generated Swift and Kotlin apps each.
    • Initialize SEO landing pages with help from a professional that I know. 😜 🙌🏻

    Macro goal:

    • Deliver up to 500 apps by the end of the year 2021.
    1. 2

      Hahahahahahahaha, yesssssssssss. But please add a community engagement goal in there. Without community, SEO won't work well!

    2. 1

      Red Goose looks very cool!

  7. 2

    I'm hoping to add support for iOS project types and then do an early access preview release at the start of the year for CrashCatch.com

  8. 2

    I hope to spend most of my time on Bolt ⚡ in 2021:

    • Build important functionality & bug fixes 🐛
    • Begin proper marketing 📋
    • Onboard 100th user 📈
    • Go full-time 🤞
    • Workout more 🏋️
    • User fewer emojis 🤷‍♂️
    1. 2

      yooooo, this is a cool product and great hero image! very clear and concise!

      1. 1

        thank you kind sir :)

    2. 1

      User fewer emojis -> I've had that same goal for the last decade. Let me tell you... 🤷🤦🍿🤐😵

  9. 2

    Since just yesterday I started SplendidPress, I want to:

    • Release at least 2 entirely free, high-quality, no strings attached plugins for WordPress
    • Release at least 1 paid plugin
    • By the end of the year achieve 100€ MRR

    Since I have no idea how to do any sales, the last bit will take quite some doing, I figure.

    1. 1

      Can I ask why you're iffy about sales? By the way, look into SEO for WP marketplaces! Could be very valuable for you!

      1. 1

        Honestly I've just never had any sales experience. I'll give SEO a look, thanks!

  10. 2

    I aim to focus my efforts on Nana, SaaS Starter Kit: https://saasstarterkit.app/

    • Get to $1k MRR by March.
    • Keep in touch with every early users to make sure they succeed.
    • Incorporate feedback into the product.
    • Make it eve easier to launch a SaaS product on multiple platforms.
    • Get better at marketing to reach the correct audience.

    2021 is gonna be very exciting! 🤞

    1. 1

      from a marketing viewpoint, technical (guest-)blogging and community building may be your best bet :D. Lots of technical indie hackers want to learn all the processes behind building a SaaS tool. Good luck!

      1. 1

        That's what I had in mind as well, thanks a lot for confirming! Do you have any places in mind to start with guest-blogging?

        1. 2

          right now, i'd focus on getting more eyeballs to your product. reddit can be a great place for that. insert your product in these threads:



          https://www.reddit.com/r/webdev/?f=flair_name%3A"Showoff Saturday"

          (Showoff Sats)

          Good luck!

          1. 1

            Oh, great pointers, thanks a lot!

            1. 2

              Anytime ;). My business is in SEO, but I started in community building and growth after all haha.

  11. 2

    I'm still gonna be 100% focused on logology:

    • launch on product hunt
    • launch free version (font-only logos)
    • expand catalog to every type of business, not just startups
    • get our sales game up
    • get our SEO game up, so that more people can find us

    On that last bit, Embarque is a much needed service and looks very deep, congrats!

    1. 3

      One of the most aesthetic sites I've ever used. And, it does what it says. If I already didn't have a logo, I would have chosen one of the recommanded in a heartbeat.

      1. 1

        Thanks man, really appreciate the kind words.

    2. 2

      Would really like to give it a go for my project, but my project's name is 13 characters and you limit single words to 12 :( Either way, best of luck to you!

      1. 1

        Hey there, it's to avoid words that are too long and therefore unaesthetic, but it's not a perfect system. I see you gave it a go by adding a space. If you find something that you love, just let me know and I'll create the one word version for you 🙂

    3. 2

      Aw cheers bud! I've been following logology since May, I think. Good luck, man! It's a tough grind, so I hope that you find the funnel/workflow that works for you.

    1. 2

      Epic frameworks!!!! Frameworks>tips.

      1. 1

        During my journey; I am going to create some systems for myself for best outcome.

        Once I find it helpful for myself, I will share it with everyone mostly in form of notion templates. Those will be highly actionable frameworks.

  12. 2
  13. 1

    My realistic goal:

    • Get the first $1000 MRR for odiolab.com. I started it in November.
    • Find someone as a partner who can help me with marketing for odiolab.com. I don't think I can handle multiple hats: product development, sales, and marketing. If there's someone interested, you can mail me. My email is on my profile 🙂
    • Learn a new foreign language.
    • Keep surviving. I'm sure 2021 won't be better than in 2020. Now, a new strain of the virus is found and what could be worse? Zombie apocalypse maybe 😤
  14. 1

    Hey Julian, nice post!

    Some goals of mine arent set yet, but I am working on it.
    Low but important goals for me! :)

    1. Start developing and focusing on one thing only and doing it 100%, not jumping around and getting new ideas to work on all the time 🎯
    2. Manage to sell and gain income by a software product that I've created 💵
    3. Get some readers and increase traction on my blog which I have spend about 1 hour/week on http://techpassenger.com/blog/index.html ✍️ 😊
    4. Keep taking my morning walks (2.5km) and stay in shape 🚶‍♂️
    5. Read at least 10 minutes daily 📚

    Goal TIP 💡
    I've been doing "quarterly and yearly goals" since 2017 which have been really good for me! Get away somewhere by yourself quarterly (spa, cafe, hike etc), spend time on focusing what you've done an what you want to do to reach your yearly goal. Check your progress every quarter to remind yourself where you want to go (what i've done last 3 months, what I want to do next 3 months to get closer to my yearly goal etc) ! 🏁

    • Write it down, safe it and read previous goals
    1. 1

      Hahaha this is so good! I've thought about something similar, actually. But, like, 1-2 days a month instead. I kinda want to rent a cabin, isolate myself and focus on deep work. The work could be online, but it's just the idea of socially isolating myself as a reset that seems super appealing.

  15. 1

    I'm trying to be realistic with my expectations on ListenLater.fm:

    • I'm one paid user away from 1k ARR. My goal is to hit 1k MRR by the end of 2021.
    • Redesign the landing page and overall UI of the site to make it easier to navigate and understand.
    • Gain a better understanding of my user's usage habits, so I can better price the paid tier. Now that I've got a number of paying users, I can begin to understand how much each costs me. Once I have that, I'll be way more willing to do things like add and price a monthly tier. I think it's likely my first users were more likely to be power users, adding 24+ hours of audio each month. If regular, active users end up costing me a fraction of my current per-user costs, I won't be as hesitant about going into the red with a bad pricing decision.
    • Launch an easy way to upgrade to a higher tier Neural voices package.
    • Build V2 of the import tools like Extensions, and bookmarklets, to make adding new podcasts easier, especially for users who add articles in multiple languages.
    • Build an MVP iOS application for adding articles via a share sheet, & listening to articles. [iOS mainly because I'm familiar with it and can get a SwiftUI application out in a reasonable timeframe.]
  16. 1

    Baby steps...

    1. Launch something that makes at least $1 online (hopefully much more but there needs to be a first)
    2. Share some learnings that help others on their journey
    3. Optimize my time for building and learning, while maintaining my health and relationships
    1. 1

      Great goals! #3 is also a personal goal of mine. In 2020, I've realised that I'm at my happiest and at peace when I'm either building or learning. I want to optimize my life in 2020 for my personal happiness/growth.

      1. 1

        I read the "Navalmanack" (https://www.navalmanack.com/) and it really updated my perspective on optimizing your professional life for personal happiness.

        The whole thing is a short read with a lot of valuable insights, but one of the things that stood out to me was "Find the things that feel like play to you but are work to others."

        It's hard to do things that feel like work, but you can play 12 hours a day so other people can't outwork you.

        In practice, that's a lot easier when you have revenue and can pay someone else to do the things that feel like work (which brings me back to Goal #1).

        1. 1

          Yep, funny thing, I was reviewing my growth and processes and I've realized that I've experienced growth when I was "having fun" with building Embarque. This basically consists of creating content, meaningfully brainstorming with people and engaging in communities.

          With that in mind, I'll definitely optimize my building philosophy around what I have fun doing, because I've been successful with this so far.

  17. 1

    Our goal is to launch https://onegate.app q1 2021 and hopefully by q4 we reach a wide customer base. We are very excited for 2021

  18. 1

    I launched a course - https://alternativehypothesis.github.io/PythonBacktesting

    My goals are

    • to build this course to a 1000 member community on a cohort by cohort basis
    • help all these 1000 people learn to use Python and systematically trade strategies
    • help them lose less money
    • bring top investors & traders in India and abroad on the community podcast and share valuable information with folks
    • help everyone develop sustainable automation for their trading strategies wherever possible
    • deliver 50x value to all the community members in helping them become self-sustainable and independent systematic traders.

    Whatever money comes my way doing this, I'll take that.

    1. 1

      Niceeee. But:

      "help them lose less money."

      You absolutely need to shift the messaging here 😂.

      1. 2

        This is exactly what I used in my sales page and it did wonders.

        The trading community is very different from the usual indie community buying products/services. So, some rules aren't directly applicable there.

        I tried a different approach that has been working so far in helping convey the message.

        1. 1

          ooooh interesting. great feedback, thanks!

  19. 1

    Goals for SongRender:

    • More time selling and marketing, less time building
    • Hit $5k monthly revenue
    1. 1

      Niceeee, based on a glance, your product can be useful for podcasters, too!

      congrats on the llc!

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