Ideas and Validation May 22, 2020

What are your pain points that no one has solved?

Solomon K @solomon_teach

Thought it might be fun to have a thread of pain points that no-one has found a solution to in order to get those product ideas flowing.

So, do you have a gap in your current workflow that you'd love someone to fill?

I'll tell you mine (and it pains me because I honestly think this would be huge but there's no way I can build it!)...I always want to 'clip' bits of podcasts to bookmark them so I can listen to them again (like you can on Audible), but it doesn't seem to be a feature on the most popular players. If you know of one, please let me know!

What are your biggest pain points?

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    My biggest pain point is my learning experience of non technical stuff, like business stuff.
    I'm a dev and I'm used to reading tutorials that get straight to the point, no fluff.
    Well, regardless with me being a dev I just love when there's logic and structure to what I'm reading.
    I'm grateful of free content on the web but I wish some writers could stop being chatty, ambiguous and inconsistent. I hate repetition, and redundancy. Communicating knowledge is generally hard if the language you use is not structured and concise.
    I wish there was some kind of thought framework with which you can express ideas the same way every time.

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      Hi there, we're actually working on something that I think you would like at

      Basically our tool allows "trail creators" to teach people 80% of the gist in 20% of the time by providing CONTEXT.

      We all learn better when we understand the "WHY" behind it.

      What are somethings you'd like to learn from a business POV? I used to work in NYC and SF so I have some startup business training.

      I can make a Trail for you. And cover some important business concepts.

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        Sounds very interesting, keep us updated!

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      Any specific examples of what you're trying to learn that doesn't have enough structured advice?

      I think one problem with biz is that there's a human element, which means there's no perfectly logical way to make something successful. A failed project could have been a bad idea, or just bad execution (like reaching out to the wrong people, a landing page that wasn't clear, etc).

      I think we should try to systematize the process more, but I also have serious doubts that it would improve results. I just read an article on how profitable IHers found their first users, and it was all over the place! And, worse, it's contradictory - one method could product nothing for most people, but produce killer results for one founder.

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      This is really interesting. I completely agree with you, I think it’s still a bit of a taboo to write short books, everyone still feels the need to pad them out until they’re a certain page length!

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    A way in css to type something short to generate something long. For example I could type tlbr and this gets generated:

    top: 0;
    left: 0;
    bottom: 0;
    right: 0;

    That is a common thing I need to type. So basically a way for high-quality and useful CSS snippets could be in VScode.

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      Try snippets in VS Code. And you can put placeholders for values so that you can quickly fill them.

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        I did not know about that. Thanks I will check it out 👍

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      Hey, @BraydenTW - consider trying out WebStorm and "Live Templates" (I bet there's a similar VSCode extension).

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      Might I suggest TailwindCSS. You can use the inset class do that, or customise your own variants.

      You'd use it like <div class="inset-0">...</div>.

      If you haven't used utility CSS libraries before give them a try. I've found them to be super productive.

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        Oh yes, I will start using that!

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      Just curious, in what circumstance would you type that CSS?

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        Well this is just an example, but I would use this if I am positioning an element inside of another that is position: relative

        Again, just an example but like React has snippets, the CSS snippet extension could have many snippets already at your access.

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          Fair enough, I just couldn't think of a situation where you'd want to type all zeros.

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            I'm not a css expert, so this comes in handy for me! It's like saying "hey, fill up the entire container with this element!" I've used it with <a> tags to make entire divs clickable in the past, used it for configurable backgrounds, etc.

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      Emmet: -- tlbr can be a custom snippet in your snippets.json

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    I don’t understand why we still use tables and other barbaric styles to make emails look nice? I remember in 2009 my first web design teacher firmly stating you should never use tables for layouts. Yet here we are 11 years later, and this is still standard in email.

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      The reason is the rendering engine used by email clients which are notoriously bad at supporting any standard at all. Not everyone use gmail, in fact a lot of email clients haven't changed much over the years, a lot of people in the enterprise world are still stuck with Lotus Note and other dinosaur where table is the only sensible thing you can do

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    Connecting my thoughts with technology

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    RSS feed for this site

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        It only shows the last 24 posts so it doesn't give everything

        Sub Categories URLs don't work

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