What are your procrastination triggers?

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    My procrastination trigger is knowing I have more than enough time to do something.

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      Spot on... I was thinking the other day that in my work I see myself and colleagues tend to fill up/use the time we allot ourselves for a project (even if we can finish it much earlier). I even see this in things as small as meetings.

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    Sometimes I go to a website (e.g. Twitter) to see how they implemented a certain feature or design and eventually forget what I came there for and start browsing.

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    Notifications! I would have wanted to do something, but that 'Ping' makes me want to check and spend most of the time on IG or LinkedIn. Then, I procrastinate to the next day.

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      Twitter for me 😂. I've disabled Slack notifications and have my phone on silent + moon mode to not kick off. Actually leaving my phone on another desk is a good way of not checking it too.

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        Staying away from phone is the best way to curb my procrastination triggers. After I switched off notifications, I unlock 100 times to check if I have any notification. :P

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    my browser is my biggest anti-productivity tool, followed by my email. I have to read every dumb article linked in newsletters, check 2-3 news websites, maybe social media, get sucked into quora, etc., etc. THEN AND ONLY THEN can I get productive. I need a time lock on about 90% of the places I go on the web. There's your service idea indies and I will pay you $10 for the perfect tool - there I just validated it. Now go MVP me.

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      Well, I got the tool for you.

      You can set up distractions to be block by time, number of visits, or by setting up specific time windows when they are blocked.

      I built the extension and I use it every day.

      If you have any questions, let me know. I'm happy to help you set it up.

      Check it out here: https://www.deprocrastination.co/extension

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        ugh, you arent going to believe this but I only use safari and occasionally firefox. Keep building...

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    Procrastinators all have the same trigger: an unwillingness to experience the aversive emotions that come with an uocoming or already begun task.

    Procrastination is a behavioral response to that unwillingness. It is essentially an ineffective strategy in which the procrastinator "solves the problem" by delaying the task and receiving his dopamine shot.

    I create a product based on the most recent scientific research to help people overcome procrastination. It deals with the causes of the problem rather than the symptoms (you want to get rid of the problem itself, not just some of the symptoms).

    To learn more about it: http://woondlab.com/blog

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    when I don't know where to go(

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      This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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    This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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