What are your team member's responsibilities for growth?

We at Swoop have a growing team who is focusing our efforts on growth for Q1. As a UX Designer and Developer, I want to help the team with growth but I also don't want to duplicate the efforts of other team members.

Last year I focused on designing and developing the product, dashboard and creating marketing materials.

This year I am starting my growth efforts with Indie Hackers and the Product Hunt community sharing my story and helping others. I'm considering posting designs on Dribbble too.

Any creatives out there have any other tips?

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    Hey Aryon,

    Wrote two articles that were pretty well received on all-things startup growth:

    (1) For "early stage" thinking on growth: https://medium.com/build-better-products/why-startups-shouldnt-have-growth-teams-57310ff06e18

    (2) For "later stage" thinking on growth: https://blog.growthhackers.com/literally-everything-ive-learned-acquiring-1-617-418-customers-17607bb8d48

    Let me know if these spark any additional questions.


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      Hey Mike!

      Thanks for the resources. I have them queued up to read later today.

      This was a good start so far:

      growth is the whole company’s responsibility

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        Sure thing, Aryon.

        Re Growth is the whole company’s responsibility

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          Totally agree. The entire company should be involved. I work with SaaS companies and the companies that involve all departments in growth see much better results. The sales team and campaign managers have a ton of insight into what the clients and prospects are thinking and needing. That should help shape the content marketing direction, ad copy, etc.

          I think you have to have someone tieing it all together and setting the direction though.

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    UX design is extremely crucial in the growth process, in least in my growth team

    Your team would love you loads if you can constantly gather useful customer feedback, identify needs to improve both UI/UX and help identify product expansion opportunity.

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      Thanks for the reminder, I appreciate the feedback.

      During most of our first year, there was just a dev and I building the product, dashboard and marketing site. I lost track of my role since I had so many.

      Gathering useful customer feedback is an important focus that I am returning to. I also need to find some users!

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