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What are your thoughts on learning marketing and coding?

What are your thoughts on how one can possibly learn marketing and coding?

Which subskills do you consider one should learn if he's really serious about this?

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    a subskill, learn what motivates you to learn. Learn how you learn. Do you learn by reading and doing? Do you learn by hearing and doing? Do you learn by watching and learning?

    Are you able to read developer docs? And put them into action. (I'm struggling here)

    Do you have the patience to look at broken code for 3 hours and "figure it out"?

    Do you have the people skills to deliver highly engaging marketing assets in the form that you need to?

    A subskill in marketing that is highly under-rated: Taste.

    Do you know what good marketing is?
    Do you know what great marketing is?
    Can you tell the difference?

    Do you have the taste, thirst, hunger to get better and does that good taste keep you in the game? Because you know what you produce is not good, and can get better. So you stay in the game, and learn more. Consumer more of great work and know that you can implement it. Or do you fizzle out with imposter syndrome?

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