Ideas and Validation October 23, 2020

What are your thoughts on login using social media?

Samarth Karia @samkaria

Do you think that when you login using social media it compromises on your privacy a bit? Like you are paying a price in regards to your data? Are you concerned about it?

Whenever I use login with Facebook or Login with Google I always feel like now the social media giants know more about me and the website that has asked for the access knows things that I don't want to share with them.

I still use it cause it's super convenient though.

What's your opinion?

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    Social login is great. I have no complaints except when sites get greedy with regards to logging in with Facebook.

    Some sites will actually ask for your entire friends list. You can refuse it by removing the friends list access on the Facebook login page, but their site might refuse access without giving up the friends list. It's happened to me.

    Otherwise, I mean, look, you provide an email and name to 99% of the sites anyway, why shouldn't login be easier through one click? It's much better. But like I said, be careful what permissions you allow them to have, read through.

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    I hate it and never use anything other than my email. What happens if I delete my FB account?

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    I also hate it, and never use it. If a site/app/product will only allow social login, they won't get me to use it.

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    I don't have any social media account than Twitter so I really don't wanna use it for login at all.

    I will never use a service that only have social media login.

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    well it is convenient for the user, so from a user acquisition perspective it is advised to offer social media login in addition to email login. It is even more interesting if your target overlap with the social media, like stackoverflow with GitHub.

    From the app designed perspective you need to be careful with the webanalytics setup. For example you need to add to your GA referral exclusion list if you are offering gmail signup:

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    The problem with Facebook is your main account can be disabled anytime. If your FB account get disabled then you will loose your FB Business Account and access to Facebook App Dashboard too.

    But this is not the case with Google, if your YouTube account is suspended then you can still access Gmail or Firebase Account. They treat every product as a separate entity.

    That's why I prefer to give feature to my users to Login using Google Account. Also most of people already logged in their Google account in Chrome or Firefox. So it makes easy to Login.

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    I'm now a fan and use it more often.
    Previously the implementations were just terrible. I would click to sign in via whatever social login and then some platforms would still ask for your information or make a password; some terrible integration implementation early on.

    Most of the time now I'll use the Google option if it's available.

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      But have you ever thought it would compromise your privacy to some extent?

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        With Facebook I would assume I might be giving more info than I want.
        But with Google via the standard "yeah login" I assume they're only getting my email addy & name... I believe Apple is working on or has a login that middle mans your email address and doesn't expose the actual one to the oauth integrator. Haven't looked into that yet.

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    I'm a Google enthusiast, so I'm actually comfortable with signing up through it on third-party sites. I researched the company extensively and personally trust it to safely manage my data, but I know others may have different opinions and practices.

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