What are your thoughts? Podcast Finder Solution

Hello friends! Okay, so Podcasts are on the rise with 800M+ revenue in ad spend alone in 2020 and is expected to double. I've seen that just in 2020 close to 900,000 podcasts were started. This is just insane and it's impossible for people to find podcasts in this ocean of content which is EXTREMELY difficult to sort through. SO, what about developing a solution (likely a software engine) which can allow users to input a number of keywords (i.e. startup mental health during exit strategies) which can then allow this engine to produce all of the episodes (and in a perfect world show you the timestamp when that is being discussed) - My thought on getting this to work would be to use text to speech translations on podcasts and then it would kind of be like going Control F through the database to find the best podcasts for that topic (Rather than having to listen to 30 minutes of things you never cared about in the first place).

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    I’d try to ask on a podcast forum/subreddit, too. For idea validation you usually have to reach out to your desired audience.

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      Good idea! I think i should have asked you guys for your thoughts not validation.... haha! anyways, just with the concept, what are youtr thoughts?

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    This is actually something we build in our app, basically we index all podcasts (Almost 4M) in elastic search and add attribution based on likes, subscribers, plays and comments

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    Honestly this would be great, I think podcast discovery is really difficult right now.

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      Have you experienced issues yourself?

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        Yes - I find it incredibly hard to discover new interesting podcasts. Wish there was a TikTok for podcasts

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