Book Club March 24, 2020

What books are you reading during self isolation?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Is now a good time to be reading?

Have your interests in book topics changed in the last month?

What books do you have piled up to read over the coming weeks?

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    Just finished Nassim Taleb's Skin In The Game. I really enjoyed it, though would recommend Black Swan and Antifragile for people not familiar with him.

    This whole situation has allowed me to rejig my priorities, and reading has been neglected for too long. I have 3 Jared Diamond books on the way from Amazon, but understandably they're taking longer than usual! Those books are The World Until Yesterday, Collapse and Guns, Germs & Steel.

    I can't help but think that a book a Stoicism would be quite appropriate right about now. ^^

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    Give and Take by Adam Grant.
    I really really think that the book is very appropriate for the Indie Hackers community.

    As like every other book I have read, I published my key takeaways here:

    Next thinking about Zero to One.

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    Messy - Tim Harford
    Semantics. The systems bible - John Gall
    Trillion dollar coach (Bill Campbell) - Eric Schmidt
    Tiny Habits - BJ Fogg

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      How do you like the Trillion Dollar Coach so far? I loved the interview Tim Ferriss had with Eric Schmidt where this book was mentioned, but personally I didn't get much out of it.

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        It's good as entertainment. Not so good as a business book.

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    I just finished Propaganda, a book on, well, propaganda, written by the inventor of modern propaganda and the nephew of Sigmund Freud: Edward Bernays.
    I recommend it to everyone whose work depends on public opinion!

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    Growth hacker marketing, ux for dummies and I'm starting on the 1 page marketing plan today :)

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    I recently started reading this book called the Ice Candy Man by Bapsi Sidhwa. It's a book based on the time of partition between India and Pakistan. And am currently at the point where everything is starting to unravel and am surely getting the chills!!

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    Finished The 100 Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau

    Going to read The Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Allen Iger and Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

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    The Catcher in the Rye and To Kill a Mockingbird

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    Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

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    This is gonna come out of left field but:

    Psychology of the Unconcious by Carl Jung

    Pretty big fan but it's interesting to see how his theories reflect on what is going on today.

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    The only physical books I own are three different Brené Brown books, lol. And I think I'm about to read through all three again. Because I'm some sort of crazed superfan.

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    Nir Eyal - Hooked 🙌

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    "How to stop going out, not panic and be responsible in hard times" by karanveer

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    I just finished The Stranger by Albert Camus. I’ve developed an interest in philosophy over the last year and I’m trying to read some philosophical fiction (not sure that’s a real genre). I’m planning to take a look at Lolita (Nabokov) or Candide (Voltaire) next.

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    Just finished 'The obstacle is the way' by Ryan Holiday a few weeks ago (quite the timing). Highly recommended. Now I'm halfway into 'Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less'. Not sure about that (I think my "shiny new thing" syndrome makes it hard for me to be an essentialist :D )
    Coming up is 'Made to stick'. My pile of books to read is always filled.

    I think if there is a "best" time to read, it is now. But actually I think it's always a good time. The ROI of reading is way underrated!
    Go for it! :)

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    Books from "You Don’t Know JS" series and "Learning React" by Kirupa Chinnathambi.

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    At the moment I have these two reads:

    • Stoicism and the art of happiness, by Donald Robertson

    • 100 things every designer needs to know about people , by Susan Weinschenk

    Reading always comes in waves for me, but lately have set myself a reminder in todoist to read a book chapter before sleep, helps to unwind and get my thoughts off from the everyday life stuff.

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    • Let My People Go Surfing - Yvonne Chouinard
      This is the story of how Patagonia was founded, and their guiding philosophies in all aspects of their business. So far I’m enjoying it. Long descriptions of production and distribution can get a bit boring, but it’s a great demonstration on the power of signalling in leadership & marketing.

    • How Asia Works - Joe Studwell
      How various nations of Asia developed, what they did right, what they did wrong. An interesting read so far.

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    I actually stopped reading. No mental capacity for it anymore these days. Both me and my wife have to work during the day and at the same time also mange a toddler that requires hell of a lot attention. As a result it's hard to get some deep work done and my work day is spread throughout the whole day. By the evening I'm drained and can just listen to a few podcasts. I have put "Super Thinking: The Big Book of Mental Models" book on pause for now.

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    I am currently working my way through the following two books.

    • The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss
    • Vagabonding by Rolf Potts
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    I signed up for the very generous free trial that Scribd is offering. I've been listening to

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      The Mom Test is one of the best books and most influential books I've read in the past year. Highly recommend it.

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    The Rosie Project: A Novel (Don Tillman Book 1) by Graeme Simsion was fantastic. Fictional story about a man with aspergers trying to find a wife. It's totally unique to hear the first person narrative from someone like that.

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    I read Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel, a while back that is waaaaay too close to what's happening now.

    So I opted for Sad Cypress, by Agatha Christie, to give my mind a break from global pandemics and just figure out whodunnit.

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    I'm reading The shock doctrine by Naomi Klein. So far very relevant for what's happening.

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