Productivity January 30, 2020

What browser tab are you checking constantly?

Adam @advanderveer

We all have these browser taps that are open just because we have to check it all the time. For me that is currently:

  • Gmail (because for some reason I don't have notifications)
  • Google Ads (because i'm working on a campaign currently)
  • Mixpanel (because i'm improving a landing page currently)

Which one do you have open?

  1. 7

    Indie Hackers (moderation and spam queue) 😅

  2. 3

    IH. I just started being active recently... And it feels so good. To offer a genuinely helpful reply with no ulterior motive. And then to get the thank yous in your inbox. It's magnetic. I shoulda tried not being a selfish butthole years ago!

  3. 2
    • Firebase (to check if new users signed up, and to look at analytics)
    • Product Hunt (to see if any new people upvoted my latest product 😅)
    • YouTube (for my lo-fi hip hop mixes)
    • Indie Hackers and Hacker News (to see what's new)
  4. 1 is awesome. It organizes all the tabs for you like bookmarks. It is my homepage and is awesome.

  5. 1

    Today I have TweetDeck open -- I realized recently that Twitter is a great acquisition channel, and I find that keeping TweetDeck open helps me actually Tweet stuff when I have a relevant thought.

  6. 1 for documentation 🙃

  7. 1
    • Gmail (Checking to see if I have received any new emails and haven't missed out anything)
    • Twitter
    • IH (To check if there is any new interesting post)
  8. 1

    Appstore connect (because i want to see latest downloads)
    Admob (because i want to see latest revenue, even though it's few cents a day at the moment :))
    Firebase (because i want to see latest engagement)

  9. 1

    Right now, my analytics page on . I just revealed a problem exploration landing page ( ) so seeing who is looking at it and from where.