March 13, 2019

What business advice do you want to see more of on Indie Hackers?

Channing Allen @channingallen

We're working on making it easier to find articles and advice on Indie Hackers that address specific business problems.

What are some challenges you'd like to see more advice on?

Here are a few examples:

  • coming up with product ideas
  • finding new users
  • hiring new employees
  • managing your mental health as an entrepreneur
  • being more productive
  • etc.
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      And how do I sell before I have a product? Is there like a step by step process? How do you get them to take me seriously without a product yet?

      1. 1

        Tinyseed videos from Rob Walling should help. He goes into step by step.

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        You should sell before you have a product always. The step by step process is that you get in front of hundreds of people, let them tell you about their goals, extract out their pain points, then you position your product in the middle as a vehicle that takes them away from their pains and towards their goals. Sales is a game of volume.

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    idea overload and limited time: how to decide what to work on

  2. 6

    Finding and working with co-founders. Matching expectations, motivations, etc

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    How to validate a market exists before building something

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      Take a look at tinyseed videos from microconf. They do step by step!

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    Coming up with product ideas

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    USE THE PHONE TO SELL. Speak to people in real-life. Don't discount it.

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    I would like to see advice on how to market my products virally and organically instead of buying ads on large networks. I think that increasing your ranking naturally will have a bigger impact than buying ads.

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    Product-market fit and sales

  8. 4

    Making the first hire as a solo entrepreneur!

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          thanks, should work now

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    There's a ton of B2B and SaaS-targeted advice here and a lot comes from people trying to build email lists and hawk their wares/services to us.

    I'd like to see more consumer-focused advice, product advice for gaming, educational apps and communities. It would be great if that advice came from people who don't share signups to their email lists and/or $100+ products.

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    How to build and audience, and eventually, a community

  11. 3

    Useful Code snippets

    payment gateways info

    advertising/affilate advice

    free resources.....

    coding videos for newbies like me

    quick website templates

    an open source script library

    onsite STRIPE advisor chat window

    oh yea..and Indie Hackers tshirts..not those fancy ones....simple white ,grey or black

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    I'd love to be able to practice sales with other indie-hackers - we could refine our calls, emails, message etc. without the pressure of "wasting" a real lead! For me there's nothing scarier than those early calls and emails - I'm sure it's the same for many others too!

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      You could check out for that - I think they have sessions online about that. Recently joined myself (There is a free trial period).

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    "So you didn't do any of the things you're suppose to and now you've launched a product with no marketing... here's how to dig yourself out of that hole."

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    moar productivity !

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    I'd love IH "sponsored" 30 day challenges. e.g. Mailing List challenge, Social Media challenge, User feedback challenge, etc.

    Each day, there'd be a nugget of wisdom + suggested next action. Folks completing each next action of the 30 day challenge would then be awarded with a coveted tee.

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    Marketing. Sales pipeline. Cold outreach. Drip marketing. How to refine target market personas. CRO. Viral loop. Onboarding flows. Retention. Business model monetization.

  17. 1
    • How to get a first customer
    • How to boost the business
    • How to find a co-founder
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    How to find Dev's as a Non-tech and how to manage them, track their work, set goals and timelines etc.

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      Hey Tony, I have helped non-technical entrepreneurs run their engineering teams in the past. Would love to help out anyway I can. If you're interested I'd be happy to chat!

      1. 1

        I'll shoot you a message.

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    How and when to incorporate. LLC vs C Corps

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        Thank you. I’ll give it a read 🙌

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    At the end of the day, the most important thing is to start selling anything so "finding new users". My personal vote goes to mental health.

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    Prioritization. Yes, easy to say "do that which generates revenues". But a lot of activities are interlinked. Just start at the top of the funnel and work down or another plan of attack? There are plenty of theories. Would like to hear more from successful IHers.

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    managing your mental health as an entrepreneur!

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    Not all website themes are created equal. I recently purchased a theme, launched on PH, got #1 of day -- however had the worst reputation kick ever because the images in the theme laid claim to someone else's IP. Sometimes the easy route isn't easy...

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