March 12, 2019

What business niches have surprised you?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

The great thing about indie hackers is seeing the niches of businesses that are being created.

Paddle Logger from @PlDave made me smile today

Do any businesses in relatively small niches spring to mind? I always love exploring them for ideas.

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    A video chat with fortune tellers billed at $5–$20/minute.

    Not an indie hacker product, but the one that struck me the most. One company I met at a local meetup had created a general purpose marketplace for online consultations. But then they found out that one category was especially standing out — psychic readings. So they pivoted and are now prospering like crazy.

    I came to that meetup with a tongue-in-cheek feeling, but left really admiring that company. They know it's BS, they are very real about it, they don't even call their psychics psychics but "more like spiritual advisors". But business is business.

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    I learned from the car dealership that high pressure sales work, but the customer isn't happy about the purchase. If you can let the customer make the decision about buying or not, they will likely buy again and also refer customers.

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