What can you learn from Warby Parker's email sequence?

Several months ago, I signed up for Warby Parker’s email list. I even ordered an at-home try-on kit to see what emails doing so would trigger.

For the last few months, I’ve monitored every email that Warby Parker has sent as part of their sequence.

Warby Parker Email Marketing Teardown

A few things that stood out…

  • Quiz as a lead magnet
  • Great at saying "Thank you" with a 2-part Welcome email
  • Emails create an easy-to-love brand image
  • Communicate an innovative spirit
  • Complicated buying experience simplified
  • Cart abandonment email sends 4 days later!
  • Consistently highlight free shipping and returns

That’s the skinny TL;DR.

But as always, there is a deep dive into it. I have written a full teardown that you can read here.

Hopefully, it will guide you when you are writing your own email sequence.

If you want a second opinion on your own email journey, feel free to comment. Happy to help. Been working in email for longer than I can remember.

  1. 2

    This is awesome, thinking it would be a cool to have a tool that can automatically create an email sequence like this to analyse marketing strategies.

    • Filter inbox by email address
    • parse email content
    • post to backend and render.

    Semrush/Ahrefs have products to analyze competitor backlinks, wonder if there's anything to analyze competitor email sequences....hmmm

  2. 1

    Loved how you simplified the whole flow and made it easy for inspiration. Thanks!

  3. 1

    Great takeaways, I'll take a deeper look at your full-length post whenever I have the chance!

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