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What choose for backend?

Oleg Savchuk @OlegSav

I want create cross-platform 'game platform' for mobile games.
I choose Flutter for the frontend part, and Firebase (BaaS)

What kind of backend is better to choose in this kind of situation?

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    Looks like you've already chosen Firebase.

    This is a solid choice. Also, the success of your game will very likely not depend on your backend. Try and get your game out there as quickly as possible to get real feedback from the market and don't spend a lot of time choosing the "right" backend.

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        Yes, but FIrebase as I understood is only a platform for my backend, It means that I need to put something inside, like Unity code or some Swift.

        The question was if I want to create game, what I need to put inside Firebase?

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    I would stay away from Firebase: my company has had nothing but trouble with it for a year now since we adopted it despite my warnings to my boss about it. I would highly recommend HTTP/2 for a persistent connection (which GRPC which is what Firebase uses) by itself or maybe web sockets if possible. There's a good Python HTTP/2 client called "hyper" I would recommend but I've never used web sockets before so I can't speak much of them. If you don't need high capacity data channels, you would probably want to use Pusher.

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    I would only use Firebase for user's login data. Firebase is crap when it comes to searching non-specific data (like if you want to get all logins in certain time period for example).

    I build backend with firebase for a mobile app and regret using Firebase. DynamoDB would probably be better. I also had to install MySQL to replicate records from Firebase in MySQL so I could do searches for statistics on user orders and stuff.

    It was all build with NodeJS, and the JS code works really really well, just don't forget to start adding test along the new functionality you add ;)

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    Hey Oleg. I was in a similar situation starting to build an MVP mobile app in October 2019 and came across a similar question. I'm a product manager and most of my previous experience in development had been around Java for APIs and web apps based on JS frameworks.

    I chose Flutter for mobile app and Firebase for backend as well because I wanted to ship quickly. It has been a great experience and an awesome learning. I started the back-end in Javascript initially but recently migrated the project to Typescript, I'd advise you to start with Typescript as well if you choose Firebase.

    It'd be handy if you have previous experience working with no-sql databases like Mongo as it'll help you get up to speed on Firestore (Firebase database of choice) very quickly.

    We eventually launched on the first of January, you can try out our apps as well if you want :)

    All the best!

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      I'm ín the same situation. Would you inform me about what package you've choosen tó mamage billing.
      The app and the idea is pretty awesome, congratulate. Thank you

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        Hey @george123

        We used Stripe to manage payments. For that we used stripe_payment ( in Flutter and stripe npm package ( for backend.

        You can also use other payment service providers like Square or something else in a similar way.

        All the best with it, happy to provide any further tips if needed.

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          Dear Sir, thank you very much for your kindly reply!

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    If you're looking to build backends quickly, I recommend Linx - its low-code, scalable and powerful

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