Developers May 23, 2020

What cloud do you use?

Nick Phillips @hyprnick

Getting a poll on developers cloud usage. Would really appreciate your input!

What cloud do you use? Do you use multiple clouds? What made you choose them?

Google, AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean, etc

What services do you use within those clouds? Compute, database, serverless, etc

Are there missing services you really want to see in a cloud?

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    Google is my church. I wake up everyday and pray to the gods of Firebase, Cloud SQL and App Engine for good performance and uptimes.

    Jokes aside, i've been using G-Cloud for about 3 years and wouldnt even switch if Amazon was free.

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      Google has your soul 😂😂😂

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    I use DigitalOcean because their managed Kubernetes is the cheapest one and they also have a hosted Postgres and S3 compatible storage. That's all I really need for now. I guess this really depends on your use case as usual. Look at what services you need, compare prices.

    If possible don't use too many services that completely lock you into one vendor and you can always migrate later if there's a valid reason and it's worth the effort.

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    I've been a customer of DigitalOcean for almost 7 years. I really like the pretty design and great customer service. AWS is way too complicated and stressful for me. Google Cloud is better but I have this repulsion against them.

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      +1 on complicated and ugly AWS. Google Cloud is much better in that sense.

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      Thanks for your feedback. I agree with you on multiple parts. I get the same feeling from using Google. I wasn’t sure if it was just me or not.

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    I use DigitalOcean

    I like them because they look pretty and easy to start. Also they have a lot of community answers, a lot of articles etc

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    I use DigitalOcean for my projects too, with their managed Kubernetes and managed MySQL services and Spaces for ~block~ object storage. I have one single Kubernetes cluster that I can scale easily, and I write multiple of my projects on the same basis setup that has CI/CD as well as all the Kubernetes setup already available, which allows me to deploy everything on the same infrastructure while keeping the costs low and having a fully automated deployment process. Overall, I am really happy with DigitalOcean's services.

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      Just a note: Spaces is object storage. Block storage is when you mount as a full filesystem :)

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        Ah, thanks a lot for the correction, today I learned. :)

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      Thanks for the reply! DigitalOcean keeps popping up here. I use them as well. How big of a MySQL instance do you use?

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        I use their smallest instance with 1vCPU and 1GB memory, I store 6 databases on the same instance, each with small usage so it is working fine for prototypes and side projects.

        Here's a referral link if you'd like to try out, it'll give you $100 in credit to get started:

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    Mainly Digital Ocean but since I publish to Docker containers it could really be any.

    "docker-compose up" works on any cloud!

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    I've been a very happy customer of linode for years. I use their nanodes and smallest linode offerings, gives a really cheap accessible way to manage my own vps. I use Azure for most of my day job work but honestly outside of function app's it's too expensive for side projects/proof of concepts.

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      Thanks for the reply! I’m surprised Linode isn’t represented more here. They just released managed k8s which should be pretty good.

      I get the feeling that most side projects use a smaller cloud and enterprise uses one of the big three.

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    I decided to go with Google Cloud, and so far really enjoying it.
    I currently deploy my apps on a serverless platform (Google App Engine) and it works really great and saves a lot of time:

    • super easy to deploy
    • libraries to work with cloud services
    • autoscaling
    • tons of services: noSQL and SQL databases, cloud file storage, firewall, CDN, Redis, etc

    Best of all as a solo developer it costs virtually nothing to run your dev environments.
    So far I had zero issues, will see how it's going to be in production and how much it's going to cost.

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      Happy with the pricing for App Engine? I tried a few years ago and my bill was unexpectedly high for an app with little to no traffic.

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        I don't know man, I've been using it for a few months now, but almost with no traffic (I've been testing my app) and it costing almost nothing so far. I Will see how it will be when I go live, but I still have $300 credit to use. I've been using their estimators tho and still look pretty good.

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    We use GCP. Especially Firebase. Glad to see many other developers using it.

    A quick overview on various Google Compute Products:

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    Google for personal / side hustles. Azure for work

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    I've been using DigitalOcean for a long time now. It's pretty comfortable.

    But I do worry that they're starting to change to focus on more profitable customers. They seem to have stopped adding features to existing products based on user feedback (they have an upvoting system for feature reqs) and are focusing more on new and possibly entreprise-y features.

    I want to stick with them as the "David" vs all the goliaths, but it's becoming harder to justify over time.

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    I have been using DigitalOcean for a couple of years now. There are a few things I really like about it: 1. Simple and easy to understand, 2. No hidden fees, 3. Amazing tutorials for pretty much everything, and 4. Neat UI.

    I have also tried Linode for a project and they are pretty good too.

    I use MySQL for DB.

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    Hey Nick, I use Digital Ocean Droplet to host my app and Spaces for assets. Using Google Cloud SQL for a managed Postgres. Considering moving to DO Managed databases.
    Are you looking to find services to build and offer?

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      Hey Antonio, Thanks for your response. Yes, we have a managed database service but I also wanted to see where everyone went for their compute and other services. Its also interesting to see multi-cloud usage. I'm curious if that is the way the cloud is moving - use compute from one vendor, storage from another, as long as security is not a concern and latency within limits of course.

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    Have used Digital ocean for a small personal project, no issues. Currently, using AWS for the job purpose.

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    I just wanted to quickly spin up a VPS yesterday when I wanted to launch Unfortunately, I couldn't do this quickly with Google App Engine so I changed to DigitalOcean which I already am familiar with :)

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      Thanks for the reply. Yes I find DO pretty easy to use as well compared to the big clouds.

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    AWS primarily, though we do have some servers on Digital Ocean as well just to 'split the risk'. I have personal projects on Vultr too.

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    Google also !

    App engine is a really nice way to remove so much setup usually required in getting a service deployed and it handles all the interactions and security between the service and Firebase really nicely !

    And its super cheap (So far)

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    I'm using digital Ocean been with them nearly a couple of years never had an issue

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    We use a mix of cloud and baremetal (mostly for database clusters) at Hetzner. For price, reliability and deployment time (can basically get a baremetal server within minutes and cloud server in seconds).

    For our monitoring probes we use a mix of servers at Digitalocean, Vultr, Amazon, Alibaba and more. We only use compute instances.

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      Thanks for the reply. Haven’t heard of Hetzner. Are you outside the US? I’m a fan of OVH for dedicated servers.

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        Yes based in Amsterdam. Hetzner has good routing in Europe, latencies are a bit higher from the US but still ok. I used to be with OVH but the few times I needed support with an unresponsive server it took them almost a week to reply.

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    I'm on AWS as I got 3K credits. I use:

    • EC2
    • Lambda functions
    • API Gateway

    Once my credits expire, I'll probably migrate everything to DigitalOcean or Azure.

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      +1 for Azure

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    I use for static hosting and serverless functions.

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      Thanks for responding! I never heard of them before. What made you choose them?

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        They are better know as ZEIT, but recently changed their name. They just make deployments super easy. You just run vercel on the command line and that's it. They auto-detect your framework, run the proper build scripts, and turn any JS files in your /api directory into serverless functions you can query from your front-end.

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    I'm using Netlify to host static websites, a vps from OVH (the cheapest option 5 euros) to host my web app and firebase for authentification and for cloud functions.

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    I use firebase for most of my web apps. The most popular one is is hosted and runs on Firebase.

    Except for their database, I am happy with most of their services. Its super easy to setup a app on Firebase + GCP(functions, I use GCP for python functions).

    Now I am looking for DO and B2 for a new project for storage.. Google storage is expensive.

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      Thanks for the feedback! I'm curious, what kind of storage project? If it is under the radar, you can email me [email protected]

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        Its not yet released, beta testing. I am in the process of open sourcing main functionality.
        I will be happy if you let me know what you think of it.

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    Google translate and Google cloud storage

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    I use AWS, because my website was built on Zeroqode template that is suitable only for Bubble platform that uses Amazon.

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    DigitalOcean all the way, except the DB. That goes to MongoDB Atlas.

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    I'm using AWS.
    My SaaS product, Sigmetic is built with Amplify, Cognito, AppSync, and Serverless Framework, and it really kicks ass! 💪

    There's probably pros and cons for all providers, and I know people tend to get a bit religious about this. But personally, it would take a whole lot to convince me to use something else in a project (if I have anything to say) 😜

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    At Baserow we use Digital Ocean for our SaaS environment. We have two Kubernetes clusters, one for the staging and one for the production environment. The production cluster has two nodes, both with 2 vCPU and 2GB of ram. We also have two managed PostgreSQL databases for the persistent data. Both are the cheapest configurations of 1 vCPU and 1GB of ram. In the future we're also going to need Spaces for user file uploads and we might switch from the GitLab container registry to the one of Digital Ocean.

    Yesterday I did a load test on the production environment and with the current infrastructure we can handle about 200 users that using the tool simultaneously and intensive before the responses are starting to get slower.

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    I use AWS because most familiar with them and like the variety of solutions + free credits. I have used DigitalOcean for when I built a monolith app, probably would use heroku because I’d rather not manage DevOps. I like Google too but don’t use it as much because of Google Pay making it unnecessarily difficult to buy domains (want me to upload bank document + credit card pictures). I haven’t messed with Azure as I’ve seen how slow their VMs can be to start from work projects...but Azure Pipelines are neat...

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    Jelastic Cloud (easy to use) provided by Infomaniak (zero carbon emissions plus high privacy standard)

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    AWS for now and looking at a move to DigitalOcean for hosting soon. AWS for storage (s3), email (SES), notifications (SNS), and Hosting (EBS).

    Also relying on the Vercel service for my marketing site.

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    Hey Nick,

    I've made the same poll on ProductHunt some weeks ago:

    The results are here:

    44% (42)
    Google Cloud
    41% (39)
    Microsoft Azure
    7% (7)
    Another one? 👇
    8% (8)

    Hope that helps!

    1. 1

      Thank you for this! It’s interesting to hear the feedback here doesn’t line up with actual market share (1.AWS 32%, 2. Azure 17%, 3. Google 6% 4. Other 38%).

      My main assumption is that the big clouds are trying to cater to enterprise customers and new startups are going elsewhere.

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    • AWS Lightsail VPS
    • AWS Lightsail Database
    • AWS ECR
    • Cloudfront

    So far I like this setup, but would not be opposed to something better.

    1. 1

      Thanks for the reply! What would be your biggest risk And impediments to move to another cloud? Would you try a new cloud?

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    For I am using Heroku. I am trying out Azure with their new Static Web Apps.

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    I use Google Cloud and Digital Ocean. I have also used AWS and Azure before but they didn't meet the requirements and budget. Google Cloud's user interface is the easiest to get around and understand. Digital Ocean is the most inexpensive as it provides the most resources for the least price. But I primarily use Google Cloud because the developer experience is great and I have benefited immensely from switching to App Engine. Once I learned how to deploy straight from GitLab to App Engine, I never looked back. Now I loathe having to work on projects not on App Engine. I love DevOps and working with servers...but when managing multiple client projects simultaneously, App Engine removes a layer of complexity and gives confidence when deploying new releases as rolling back to a previous version is one click away.

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    For, we use a combo of Cloudflare Workers and cloudflare static sites along with Firebase / Google cloud functions. We’re hoping to incorporate the Serverless framework soon to make managing them all much easier.

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    I've hosted a static site on Google (app engine) for 5 years, but their costs have skyrocketed recently. Their quota prices haven't increased but their instance performance or something has deteriorated this year so you're toggled over the free quota quicker.

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