What coding YouTube video are you learning from right now?

I made https://codeonvideo.com to help people learning coding from youtube videos...You can make notes (even in markdown ) and explore tools.

I am currently watching
Breathe & Relax App - JavaScript & CSS Animations by Brad Traversy

Using codepen to work things out for myself.

What tools do you use?

Let ppl know in the comments below

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    React 2025 run by https://twitter.com/leeerob. The guy know what he does.

    I think I've saved myself quite a few hours following what his way of building web apps.

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      Wow , This is a great find for me. Thank you...

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    "All things javascript" is my favorite when trying to learn a concept in js. This guy has a video for everything!

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      That's a great series...But I personally like the series by Net Ninja ..he gets right to the point....

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    I haven't tried any youtube videos yet but I like Codecademy.com/css and w3schools.com.

    Also, Google to find the how-to when I need a solution.

    Thanks for the tip. I'll check those videos out.

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      You should check out channels like Traversy Media and Net Ninja...they offer project based learning for free which is great.....If you are planning to learn coding from youtube videos be sure to check out my simple website codeonvideo.com. It is a tool where you can make video specific notes and explore online coding tools.

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    I wrote an extension to tackle a similar issue over last month. It is about Less interruptive note taking. Still in alpha stages though. It is available for Chrome & Firefox if you want to checkout https://bit.ly/3cQmIUC

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      Looks great ...Launch it soon...

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        Thank you. Will do.

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    Tip for your landing page.

    Give a default video option.

    "Paste your YouTube video URL or try this one"

    (Removes friction and you will get more people to know your product)

    Tip number 2. I went to YouTube got a link https://youtu.be/if1AeoHbZ8k and looks like this format is not supported

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      The link is shortened so it will not work....I will implement the default option...Thank you

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    Cool concept. I love to take notes from YouTube videos.

    • Great idea to make the tool easily available on your home page so anybody can use it.

    • When I added a note, I didn't know where it went. It took me a while to scroll down and see the note.

    • It would be cool for the notes to show a time stamp in the video - and it would be cool for me to be able to click that time marker to get taken to the right time in the video.

    • I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do once I finish taking notes on a video. I'm not sure how to save it, return to it, etc.

    • Currently, I mostly use Google Docs when taking notes on YouTube videos. The fact that it's easy to find within my folder structure, that I can link to the doc easily, and that I can format it easily -- means it's my preference. Those features are more important to me than seeing the video in the same window.

    I think you're on to something here. Keep it up and good luck!

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      Sorry for hijacking the thread. Just out of curiosity, why have you never thought of using extensions? There are few note taking extensions out there. I am developing a similar product, but not sure if anyone would want such thing.

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        What extension do you have in mind?

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          Rocket Notes is one, but it is paid.
          The one I am developing is https://bit.ly/3cQmIUC
          It is in alpha though. Planning to keep it free and go with Patreon to fund it. Working on Evernote integration now.

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            Very cool. I'll check this out. Thanks for sharing.

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      Thank you, I am glad you liked it. I thought of time marker too...I just didn't know how to implement it ...I will look into it...The tool is for making video specific notes.. So If u make notes on a particular video. if you want to return to it you can go to the recent tab in the home page .

      I was basically doing the same thing as you but I was saving the notes offline...but it was often difficult to find video specific notes which is why I made this.

      Thank for the feedback so much. I will try to improve the UI.

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    Looks really cool.

    I just wanted to check if creators won't mind playing video on your site?

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      Why would they mind? It's promoting their content.

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        Got it now. Was just confirming, if any copyright issues to embed video.

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      It's just a youtube embed...so it is the same as playing it on youtube....I don't store anything...even the notes are stored in browser....

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