May 29, 2019

What CSS framework do you use?

Budibase @BudiBase


As always with this kind of question, I know that the real answer is 'it depends'.

Accepting that, what is your go-to CSS framework, and have you made any changes recently in light of new releases?


Cofounder at Budibase.

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    bulma and tailwind

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      I am interested in Tailwind. I've used Bootstrap for a while but I like the utility-first concept behind Tailwind

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    I used to just use Bootstrap, but now I'm in love with Bulma

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      Why do you love Bulma more than Bootstrap? I've not tried Bulma.

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    I use styled-components, stylus or tailwindcss :)

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      I used styled-components for my personal Gatsby site and I liked it. I've never used Stylus - will have to Google it and find out more.

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      I've also used Stylus and it was pretty cool. We don't use it now though.

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    I'm in love with TailwindCSS. I go to extremes to use it on projects because utility-based CSS fits my brain in ways I never imagined.

    Recently, I've been thinking about falling back into Bootstrap for moving "quicker," at least when starting a new project. This thought is because I'm mostly a server-side developer. I'm proficient in the front-end, but my design skills are lacking. Reaching for pre-designed components is quite lovely.

    I'm hoping (and have a feeling) that one day there will be a set of pre-built components for TailwindCSS similar to (but not necessarily the same) as Bootstrap. I often​ grab the examples of the Tailwind docs and tweak them to match my project.

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    Tailwind + flexboxgrid. I love tailwind but I find flexboxgrid grid system easier than the flexbox included in tailwind.

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      Ohhh flexboxgrid sounds awesome. I'm going to look into it tonight. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    I am loving Bootstrap 4, it has utilities like tailwind but also the great bootstrap grid

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      Bootstrap has helped me a lot over the years but I'm testing tailwind and it's been great

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    Over the years I used to use a lot of libraries and UI kits (bootstrap, semantic UI come to my mind first) but with react I find myself just styling the components. Things have gotten significantly easier with flex and grid layouts and my ability to choose not to support some nonsense browsers like internet exploder. BTW tailwindcss looks nice.

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      Grid is awesome - I've dabbled around with it in recent weeks. I'm also a fan of styled components.

      I think Tailwind is young, but the momentum seems to be behind it. Must give it a go over the weekend.

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    I often just give a search through and pick one... and go with the flow ;)

    Try to come up with a new design for every project whether i use a template or create custom.

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      Thanks for your response. I've never used CDNJS but will give it a go.

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    I use CSS in JS with React.

    Do you design your svg's and background images yourself? If so, how?

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      css-in-js is awesome. I've used it with React too. It took a while to get use to but I liked it in the end.

      On Budibase, some of the designs are by myself (svg icons and backgrounds), and some are altered versions of drawkit.

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    had been using Bootstrap forever, even dabbled in Bulma. they were both fine. Bootstrap does have a ton more resources etc out there.

    However, recently been becoming a fan of Tailwind.

    • it provides utility classes instead of UI kits and prestyled comps (which also result in the site looking a lot like every other site out there tbh)
    • I can create/implement/keep my own utilities. which helps when I'm using Less

    Note that it's still pretty new, many components are still in beta. but if you aren't using it on a life-critical medical/healthcare system you should be fine.

    hope this helps!

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      Thank you for your great response. I'm in a similar position where I've used Bootstrap for a long time and now I'm considering Tailwind. Actually, I'm pretty confident I am going with Tailwind.

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    I've been using Bulma. Although, I haven't used many others, to be honest.

    After seeing it on Product Hunt, I do want to give Tailwind a try eventually.

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      Tailwind is popular with the IH crowd.

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    Just bootstrap. Tons of free, high quality designed themes out there, e.g. search for “creative tim” or “designrevision”

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      Still pretty fond of bootstrap myself. If it ain't broke...

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          as a buddy of mine says... be the entrepreneur, not the engineer :)

          definitely not implying that bootstrap is flawless, but there's nothing terribly wrong with it from where i'm sitting. i'm also more product dev focused than design, so my choice of just about everything front end is probably a faux pas!

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            Super response. Bootstrap is heavily documented and supported. Tailwind does turn my head a little with its utility first approach but it is early days.

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    I've spent many years working Bootstrap but recently I've dabbled with pure CSS and Tailwind. Tailwind is cool and I'm liking how elements are isolated - changing one element doesn't give me a heart attack anymore.

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      Ahhh. Tailwind looks great and we're considering implementing it with Budibase. Bulma is another valid option.

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        Your front end is amazing! what are you currently building it with now? I'm looking for an image library myself. Something like

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