Product Development April 7, 2020

What customer support tool do you use for your website?

Richard Chu @richardchu

e.g. Intercom, Help Scout,, Crisp, etc? Why do you like it and what do you think could be better about it?

I personally use Crisp on Screenshot Creator and I'm wondering what other indie hackers use on their websites.

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    We built our own for use on It combines chat support with a newsfeed (which allows us to make product announcements). You can see it here: ūü§ô

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    I found a little flakey around the edges (sorry guys).

    I went to purechat, and the phone app keeps forgetting my password... have to type it in regularly.

    The biggest thing for me is to integrate it with slack so I know what's going on.

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    We're a small stock video platform with about 1-2 support/chat requests per week, we're using which we're really happy with. I find it really easy to use on both ends and like that I can follow all conversations going on.

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  5. 1 here also. Hard to find better for the price really, lots of features and free.

    Just wish they would offer custom css for the widget, but other than that no complaints.

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    I use crisp. Works great and is free for up to two people.