May 17, 2019

What data do UX designers need to make decisions?

Vasilis Kirimkiridis @billkirim

Me and my team created a platform which provides codeless prototype analytics for UI/UX pioneers. (
Right now we have implemented Heatmaps, User flows, recordings (data-driven), timebars and user feedback (answers).
We are a group of hardcode developers so i need your feedback on what data do ux designers need to make decisions!

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    I was just looking at you guys at work! Need something to test our invision prototypes remotely.

    Its a difficult question though, and depends entirely on the questions being asked (not much help I know). Fundamentally though its mostly around getting visibility on what a users doing (as close to watching over their shoulder while reading their minds as possible).

    From what I can see you’ve covered the majority of use cases (can they successfully complete the task, what route do they take to so it, what do they try to click on). To give you a more detailed idea i would probably need to mess around with the tool for awhile.

    Feel free to ping me if you want to go over some use-cases I had in mind for work or need someone to bounce ideas off ([email protected]).

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    There’s a UX slack channel with over 10000 members, you might want to hang around there 24/7

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      What's it called?

      1. 2 (I'm Unity btw, just too lazy to change users on mobile). I'd tread carefully as to not annoy or disturb anyone with "pain point research".. perhaps hang around, see what people say and engage in 1-1 conversations.