Daily Stand-up January 22, 2021

What did you accomplish this week?

Pip @pips

Hey everyone,

I think it's super important to celebrate the small wins, so I encourage you to share:

• What you've accomplished this week.
• What you hope to accomplish next week.

Then let's regroup next week and hold each other accountable!

I'll go first

What I accomplished this week:

• Released new functionality for Bolt
• Lots of bug fixes
• Onboarded new users and began prepping marketing plan for next week.
• Worked on client projects (UX/UI design)
• Had a great zoom catch-up with friends. Very much needed!

Plans for next week:

• Full Bolt launch - execute launch marketing plan
• Fix any other bugs that pop up
• Begin working on next feature set
• Get back into my workout program. It has been a painful 6 weeks since I last picked up a weight!


  1. 3

    I've been battling really bad depression for the past month, but this week I was able to work a little more on my project and rewrote a few of the key components with how my app interacts with the database. It's not done yet, but it's some progress.

    1. 1

      Sorry to hear that Vincent. Definitely celebrate the small wins, however small they may be. They'll eventually compound. What's your project?

      1. 1

        Hoping to help watch enthusiasts buy and sell their watches! It's a hobby/passion of mine, so definitely a passion project. I had some good steam for a couple of months but this past month I haven't been able to focus.

  2. 3

    Got done with our new Website this week - https://www.listnr.tech/

    For next week - Get done with Hosting service wireframes!

    1. 2

      Website looks awesome 👏

    2. 2

      That's a really fascinating product, what a great idea! Must be a lot of technical challenges

      1. 1

        Thank you @pips :D
        Yeah haha, we've managed to get hold a lot of them haha 💪💪

    3. 1

      I love the voices and how smooth they are

    4. 1

      Looks neat! Good luck 💪

      PS: there is a little typo in "User Ananlytics"

      1. 1

        Haha thanks for bringing that to my attention!

  3. 2

    I have been working on https://menucamp.com/ with my buddy and it will be launched on PH Tomorrow. We got our first customer this month without any paid marketing or promotions.

  4. 2

    What I accomplished this week:

    • I launched https://www.theseolabs.com/, a list of 1081 handpicked websites that accept guest post and it got and it go 5th Product of the day on PH for my first product :)

    Plans for next week:

    • Fixing some bugs on the site
    • Adding affiliation and looking at others marketing channels
    1. 1

      Great stuff, will probably buy this!

  5. 2

    Got 20+ new signups, more than any other week so far :)

    Baby steps but to the right direction!

    1. 1

      Ah wow, congrats Timo, that has to be super reassuring. Is that for Signals?

      1. 1

        Yes it was! Thanks!

        Looks like you also made a ton happen this week :) Keep it up!

  6. 2

    I submitted the newest version of my app, Dont Text to the App Store today!

    1. 1

      Congrats Tyler, that's exciting! How long does it take to get approved on average?

      1. 1

        The last built took about a day and a half to get approved. I submitted today around 4pm and I'm hoping I get lucky and it is approved by the end of tomorrow.

        1. 1

          That's not bad at all - I have 0 experience with the App store. Good luck with Dont Text :)

  7. 1

    Great job!

    We have completely revised our website and then published on Friday 🎉

    If you have feedback - please share it with us 🤙🏽


  8. 1

    I wrote something on leadership that got way more traction than I expected (https://netnigma.substack.com/p/good-leaders-are-available-and-humble). I then thought "I need to write another one on leadership". But it's not my favorite topic, so screw that. Not sure yet what the next post will be about, gonna have to read a bit and see what sparks my interest.

    Next week I'll focus on finishing the handbook template for our goal guider (https://human-matter.com/labs/)

  9. 1

    First ever Product Launch on Product Hunt 🎉

    Plans for next week
    ✨ deploy ghost blog for main website and
    ✍️ post first blog post.

  10. 1
    • Cleaned up a ton of technical debt in the public.law code.
    • Did a security analysis of the app.
  11. 1

    Still working on https://couponlak.com/ which is an arabic site for coupon code & deals.

    • Sticked to the plan of publishing posts & updating expired offers & coupons.
    • Worked on speeding more the website.
    • Launched some PPC campaigns on Adwords.
      Well in short, I just work on it on a daily basis, but still didn't expand it the way I want to due to some budgeting issues I have + I'm having finals this week so didn't do too much work :D !
      Hope y'all having a great productive week !
  12. 1

    The most important thing I've done this week is - for https://www.dynablogger.com - switch from Chargebee+Stripe+PayPal to Paddle for subscriptions and payments.

    For the next ween I need to decide whether to implement comments since it's a blogging platform and it doesn't have this feature yet, but am not sure whether it's a priority or not considering that Ghost it's been around for years and doesn't have comments yet. And lots of people still pay for it :)

    If I don't go ahead with the comments feature I will finish a blog post I started to try and do some content marketing. And I need to start promoting DynaBlogger properly in general, since I have been doing more coding than anything else.

  13. 1

    I launched https://www.eurekea.org/ - a dataset of 250K+ SaaS, apps & tech-products launched in last decade; to help you find ideas for your next hustle.
    Even though the PH launched flopped(because of its algo & my bad timings maybe), but I'm find ways to market it more this month:

    • Post on multiple SaaS websites
    • Try cold-emailing & see if it works :)
  14. 1

    stocks up tuesday and wed, stocks down thursday and friday

  15. 1

    This week I published a new version of my product. This one is a little special because it has all my wish list of important features. Time to focus on publishing content...


    1. 1

      Awesome! I had a look at Boostlane but I don't understand what it is you do, I'd definitely recommend adding a headline at the top (e.g. where 'Featured Posts' is) which sums up what Boostlane does

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback. Boostlane is not a SaaS. Most websites don't tell you straight away what they do and it's not really an issue if the user finds something interesting to do on the site. The site's first mission is to present new information. The second mission is to present product and services to buy from other businesses. It's a social platform focused on curating information and anything to buy.

        1. 2

          My 2c but explaining what you do isn't limited to SaaS - that's a pretty wild statement. Also I don't agree with your statement about most websites not telling you what they do -- any websites that doesn't have a clear indication of what it does either has strong brand recognition, is in a niche (e.g. closed club) where this is part of their brand strategy OR is asking for failure. I had a look at Boostlane and I also don't get it at all.

          Take Trouva for an example: https://www.trouva.com - they already have strong brand recognition and don't say that they work with independent boutiques (apart from in the page title), but at the same time the user flow is really clear to me.

          Imagine going into a shop and not understanding any of their products - why would you purchase anything? A website's first mission is to present information to their target market in a way which will progress them through their user flow (registering, purchasing, contacting etc).

          IMO you're miles off the mark here and without having a clear value prop, you're going to struggle to find your target user for Boostlane.

          1. 1

            Thanks for the feedback... The basic value proposition is that the site presents information. The issue is whether the user finds information that is relevant to them or not. Becoming really good at matching people with relevant information is a work in progress...

            Most users at this point don't come to the site through the home page, they open a page on Google and they have no interest in Boostlane but in 'how to choose a face mask' for example, which is fine.

            My priority is not to find users who like Boostlane but to find users who are looking for a face mask and to help them in the process.

            At this point, I don't need users to be able to understand anything else than how to read, scroll, click and perhaps use a search form.
            Basic website stuff!

            Of course there's a lot more to it but at this point reading and clicking are the priorities. If you can scroll, click and read, you are a target user. A website does not have to be more than a website, right? I don't think people close a web page because it has only information and not some clever concept explained in bold letters. What if there's no clever concept and it's just a web page?

            My design goal is to make Boostlane look like a basic website with information and nothing more. I want to hide the complexity of the concept as much as possible. It's just HTML pages with stuff to read.

            1. 1

              I think you are really missing my point --

              "if you can scroll, click and read you are a target user"

              "I don't think people close web page because it has only information and not some clever concept explained in bold letters"

              I don't see what relevance this has? I'm talking about the concept of communicating what you do + making this clear to the user. You don't even need to change your design. You already have a large 'Featured Posts' headline which seems redundant in itself. Why not change this to something which helps the user understand what they're looking at?

              Your value prop isn't presenting information. A value prop = what value are you presenting to the user. In this case the value prop is product discovery. I had no idea that Boostlane provided product discovery.

              If users just discover your site based on product searches, they are likely to have a short lifespan on your website if they 1. don't understand what your website does and 2. don't understand how they can progress in your user flow (e.g. I clicked a product on desktop and a small modal window popped up, I saw half a cropped image and not much else, then realised I had to scroll).

              The Trouva example isn't to be used as a comparison to you - simply that they needn't describe what they do, but they have a very clear user flow.

              IMO your user flow is missing - clicking opinions / promotions / games etc. gives me 0 idea about what these do and what purpose they serve. If users are just discovering your website through product searches, surely these are all redundant and you might as well remove any additional functionality? The fact that you haven't removed that functionality suggests that you want to capture a user's attention for product discovery, in which case you should increase clarity across every page.

              Ultimately it's up to you but if you're happy with Boostlane as is then that's great and hopefully you'll see great success

              1. 1

                Design is also about removing stuff. I've already removed a lot that is not relevant for now. Thanks to your feedback I might find more stuff to remove, to keep things simple.

              2. 1

                It's a work in progress, always... Success is just the result of eventually finding the right design at the right time. A startup is a research project that aims to reach that state.

                Boostlane's core value proposition is presenting information. Then there's product discovery which is secondary. Most users so far are not searching for products, but information.

                I'll definitely take into account your feedback as the website is evolving. It's really useful in trying to find better ways to present information.

                The strategy for now is for Boostlane to be a simple website with stuff to read.

                If we can succeed in helping some people find something interesting and relevant to read, phase 2 will be a success and we will be ready to move on to phase 3 -that's when we focus more on product discovery.

                You are talking about phase 3, 4, 5, 6 while I'm only interested in phase 2: presenting information to people who like to browse and click.

                1. 1

                  Good luck with Boostlane - sounds like you have a plan in place. Wish you all the best with it!

                  1. 1

                    Thanks for caring... Taking time to give honest feedback helps improve projects! I really appreciate.

            2. 1

              I had a look at trouva.com, it's a store, right? Boostlane does not sell, it recommends information and pages from well known brands like Amazon for instance. The trade part does not happen on boostlane.com.

              1. 1

                I really appreciate the feedback. It gave me a new idea about how to present information in the 'above the fold' section. I'll implement it at some point and we'll see if it's an improvement. Cheers.

  16. 1

    Writing my first article to build in public and helping the fellow indie hackers from making my mistakes.

    Why I quit as Data Scientist to become a IndieHacker

    1. 1

      That's a brave move, best of luck to you

  17. 1

    What I accomplished this week:

    Plans for next week:

    • Work on bugs
    • Get early alpha users
  18. 1

    Probably not much but I finished the HTML/CSS module of Scrimba’s front end web dev course. It’s a win for me.

  19. 1

    Highlights for this week:

    And for my clients:

  20. 1

    What I accomplished this week:

    1. 1

      Got a lot done this week, well done Sebastien!

  21. 1

    I finished improvements to my landing https://js.comparecourses.dev and prepared a list of steps I will take as part of marketing effort.

  22. 1

    I got my second sale for http://supercharge.dev/ today!
    All without any marketing!

  23. 1

    What I accomplished this week:
    • Launched my extension tabExtend on Chrome store, Edge and Firefox add-ons
    • Lots of sign ups and great feedback
    • Got my first paying customer
    Plans for next week:
    • Create a product video to show on landingpage and the browser stores

  24. 1

    This week

    • I added italian word suggestions for my language learning app (https://polygloss.app)
    • I updated a pitch deck for my university grant program
    • had some meetings with a junior developer I'm mentoring and onboarding on the project
    • implemented an announcements on load on the app
    • liased with a youtuber in the language sphere for a partnership
    • wrote a blog post about the pressure to keep productivity in current times (https://polygloss.app/posts/dont-learn-languages-during-lockdown/)

    Next week

    • Interview for the university grant
    • More pair programming with the jr dev
    • Some planning of a lesson review feature I want to implement
    • Rest! Because next month I start a part time researcher job
  25. 1
    1. Said goodbye to Freemium and introduced Trial plans. Added the new LITE plan after noticing that some of my customers' main use case is link redirection than analytics.

    2. Added a new page Import your Links page for folks that want to migrate from another URL shortening services.

  26. 1
    • Annoyed my haters
    • Plan to annoy them moar

    In short I haven't done anything productive. Don't be me.

  27. 1

    Working on https://moiapi.dev/

    This week:

    Next week (in pursuit of the closed beta):

    • Documentation for the API
    • Launch the API (GCP or Heroku or somewhere else 🤷🏻‍♂️)
    • Integrate into my personal website to show Github and Twitter statistics
  28. 0

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  29. 2

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