Product Development February 25, 2020

What do use for a company knowledge base / documenting procedures?


Would hear and check out any recommended tools.

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    Hey I'm working on something that might help out here. It's a knowledge management system. Throw in all your files/documents or connect to services like google drive and Trig organizes it for you. It's not out yet, but I have a marketing page up. Have a look and let me know if you have any feedback!

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    I've setup a private WordPress instance for Lakebed. I explored a bunch of solutions before landing on WP because:

    • I own/control the data.
    • Easy search.
    • Tags + categories, I have a bunch of data tagged "dev" so when I hire my first dev they can use that for onboarding.
    • Content can be in HTML.
    • Flexible and can by styled later or exported to another KB.
    • It allows image/file uploads.
    • Post by email.
    • Built in permissions.
    • Commenting for easy version control and to see a "history" of various information.

    Hope that helps.

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