Landing Page Feedback April 12, 2019

What do we think of my new company website?

Matt Lantz @mlantz

I recently released an update of the branding and website for my development shop business. Any feedback is appreciated.

Side note: I agree that more work examples would be awesome, I'm working on it, but some of them are behind closed doors as it were.

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    I like the design and your choose of colors.

    What I'm missing on a lot of agency pages is the personal touch. Show who you are and how you approach projects. This is the thing that separates you from your competitors and what nobody can copy - your personality.

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    Congrats on the update. I like your logo, it looks clean and professional. In fact, clean and professional is my overall first impression of the whole site.

    I am not sure where most of your leads are coming from, but if I were to find it through organic search, I am not sure I know what type of company is a good fit. You mention strategy, design, etc but it isn’t totally clear if you would be optimal for a short engagement or are better suited to be a soup-to-nuts tech partner that replaces an in-house team. The headline doesn’t help with that because while it is nice you make “life better” it isn’t clear how that solves my “website is super slow” or “can I get this MVP before my trade show” or “how can I improve my DevOps without hiring a team” or whatever problem your client is stressed about.

    The logos help me see that you probably work with all sorts of sizes of companies, and once get to the team page and see that you all are a small group, I would assume you work on smaller projects for companies of all sizes. As I said, this might not be an issue, especially if most of your clients are coming through word of month, but if you want a stranger on the street to call, it might help to be more specific of the kinds of problems you work on and the rough budget / timeframe of your solutions. You get into some of this on the sub pages, but it would be cool to see on the home page.

    Side note: I know it’s normal these days, but the cookie popup is not my favorite first impression. Since it is a portfolio site and I don’t need to log in, could you remove cookies and the banner?

    Hope some of that is helpful. Good luck!

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      Thank you! This was some incredibly constructive feedback! I've updated the site today based on some of your recommendations. Thank you again.

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    • The colours are slightly off; they contrast a bit too much; dark pink/dark blue and white.
    • The copy is also slightly off; "We actively send out a newsletter"; yeah?
    • The margins are slightly off; "Our newsletter" doesn't align with the paragraph below.

    I'm currently building out the commercial site for Logary /, myself. It sounds like you're in the same area of expertise, so you might be interested in my software; especially Rutta (