What do you freelance in?

I know many indie hackers freelance.

I also know many indie hackers look to hire freelancers (and struggle to find them).

If you are a freelancer:

  • what do you do?
  • where can people find out more about you?
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    I’m primarily a freelance developer, indie hacker on the side. I focus on full-stack Ruby on Rails and native iOS apps. I also offer 1:1 and team training via pair programming.

    Learn more on my blog! https://masilotti.com/about/

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    Product Design(ux/ui)
    I do not do illustrations :D


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      Cool! I’m thinking of freelancing in the same areas to generate a bit of income.

      Where do you find you clients?

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        well nothing from dribbble itself to be honest :) mostly word of mouth.
        on the other hand, I know some people that generate a crazy amount of job from dribbble :)

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          Very cool - thanks for the tips :D

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    What do you do?
    Web & mobile development, digital strategy.

    I usually work with individuals to clarify, plan and execute technical strategies to realise the full potential of their concepts. Normally taking a product from ideation to Series A funding.

    Where can people find out more about you?
    https://www.pandabridge.co.uk/ - although this is a little out of date. Tangentially, I get 99% of my work through word of mouth and referrals.

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    Hi there I am Belinda a freelance copywriter. I help small business owners , e-commerce stores and digital marketing companies sell their products, ideas and programs through copy that creates meaningful conversation. Specialized in product reviews. www.belindakendi.com

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    Hey @rosiesherry, Thanks for sharing this.

    I am looking for 10-20 hours / week of work commitment. My skills are:

    • Python (Starlette, asyncio), PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, React (Zustand, Router), TailwindCSS, AWS/Digital Ocean, Debian, Git, CI/CD
    • I have been early engineer at multiple startups, so I can take ownership and get things out

    Find me here on IndieHackers, Twitter, GitHub.

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      Hi! Your job description sounds interesting to me! I'm interested in becoming a saas mvp developer for clients and I have a complex web app as a portfolio piece.

      Would you be willing to share what kind of clients you work with, what they're looking for, how much they pay, and where you find them? Thanks!

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    What do you do?
    Online Marketing and Digital Product Design.
    In other words, I make great ideas and beautiful stories come alive.

    Where can people find out more about you?

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      Absolutely eye-catching website @Counterattack!
      I loved the way you have captured the way user scrolls through the site :)
      I'm a newbie to web development but really curious- what technologies have you used to built it?

      1. 1

        Thank you! Glad you like it. It's plain old HTML, CSS and JS. Nothing fancy.

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    Freelance book editor (devleopmental editor). I've been editing since about 2005.

    There has been a boom in the need for editors in recent years. This is mostly from growing popularirty of self-publishing, but also a deepening understanding of the publishing process and the importance of editing.

    I run https://bubblecow.com/.

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    I'm doing freelancing in SEO and PPC for the last 3 years.

    Reach out to me at [email protected] for quality services.


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    I'm primarily focussed on data analytics/data science projects for Ecommerce / Marketplaces / Saas companies - have worked with over ~40 clients in last 4 years (2016-20) and have become top rated plus on upwork (my main platform)

    I'm available via my website

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    I primarily freelance as a full stack developer. I prefer to build out data-driven dashboard/visualization applications but also build out public-facing sites for small businesses using Webflow and Gatsby + Contentful.

    You can learn more on my personal/company site.

    My experiences freelancing have led me to my first product on Indie Hackers: Scoped - a cost estimate and scoping tool for freelancers. I got really tired of how long it takes to develop accurate cost estimates when bidding on a project so I made a Google Sheet template to streamline the process as much as possible.

    Scoped on IH (https://www.indiehackers.com/product/scoped)
    Scoped on Gumroad (https://gumroad.com/products)

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    I'm a Full Stack Developer turned into Affiliate Marketer. I mainly work with React, Gatsby, Nextjs and Nodejs. To learn more about me: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01ece380df3b865365

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    Hi I’m Mark, a Freelance Web Developer, Consultant and Automation Engineer. I build websites, APIs, workflows & automations.

    More about me:


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    My partner and I are freelancing together as a small team! Our focus is on making delightful apps for Apple platforms. When needed, we also do backend and web development.

    Here’s our website: https://tripleglazedstudios.com

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    I'm a full stack developer specialized in Ruby on Rails and React. Love to work with startups, team up to create experiences that makes joy to use on web.


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    I freelance in SEO and Content creation. You can more about what I do on Linkedin!


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    You know when you've been doing things repeatedly in Excel or Goolge sheets and you just want it automated or want an app for it ?
    Thats me. am your guy!
    mail: [email protected]

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    I'm just start to become a freelance java developer.
    No, I'm not doing any Android or mobile dev! I'm more into build web application, desktop application and middle-ware.

    I also help do consultation to help any problem related with Java development.

    Learn more on my website! https://swardana.com

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    I'm a freelance B2B SaaS copywriter for companies such as Looker, SimpleCrew and RAN Wireless.

    Focused on writing copy that converts.

    Testimonials and work samples on my website: www.gocopytech.com

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    Freelancing as Senior Full-Stack Developer.
    Focus on React.JS and especially Next.JS (SEO-Optimzed React apps)
    Having and creating most fun by working on the apps similar to mine (https://all.pics)

    PM to [email protected] or +49 176 327 367 25

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    I create mobile interface
    90% of my clients come from Dribbble


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    Im a Freelance Content Creator(film,direction,editing,social media Strategy)
    And kickstarter videos
    Based in LA but open to Travel.

    I have a website youtube and instagram


    Instagram- www.instagram.com/bokehfanatic

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    I'm a Full Stack Engineer / Solutions Architect. I mostly work with early-stage startups to help them make the right technical decisions upfront and in most cases provide guidance, architect their solutions from scratch and build development roadmaps.

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    🔗 A small shameless plug for my new freelance-only job board: https://lancer.to.

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    I build growth tools with No-Code to delight your potential users.


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    I’ve been spending more time on my various entrepreneurial ventures over the past few months, but prior to that I was doing freelance political opposition research.

    I still do some, but not as much. Prior to doing it as a freelancer, I did more or less the same thing for a lobbying firm full time.

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    See patients by the shift... pays relatively well but trading time for money unfortunately...

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    I’m a growth consultant and coach for B2B SaaS.

    I specialize in solving communication issues that plague many companies and cause problems with acquisition and retention.

    I do analyses and workshops based on customer surveys and interviews to develop a strategic narrative (positioning, messaging, etc) that will create clarity and consistency throughout the customer experience and ultimately drive sustainable growth.

    You can check out my website. I do free strategy calls.


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    I'm starting my freelance carrier after quitting my full-time job. I'm a native iOS developer.

    You can find my contacts on my profile.

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    I am a software and operations consultant. https://blog.dadops.co/ or @dadops_ on twitter.

    I work on infrastructure. I setup best practices for dev teams, teach people how to use Git and Github effectively. I also develop tech specs for architecting services and finally I'll write code in many languages: Python, Ruby, JS, etc. I can do full stack development.

    I typically work with startups, because that's the space I know really well and startups have a lot of the same growing pains.

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    SEO optimized B2B content writing for marketing agencies and SaaS businesses.
    I write blog posts, lead magnets and case studies. You can find me throuhg - https://www.saasvaluechain.com/

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    I'm a "Full Stack Creator".
    I make and improve website, specifically I love to make website faster optimizing images, architecting html and css, and so on.

    Learn more on:

    Also I had a filmmaking and photography business with a friend where we focus on gastronomy, check out our social with all the yummy productions we made:

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    I'm working freelance for a company where I'm the lead dev since forever. Mainly full-stack Ruby on Rails. Other than my Github profile I don't really have a place where people can find me for freelance development work.

    I'm also a designer. I love designing and building physical things as much as digital things. I do a lot with CNC milling and 3D printing for my own projects. External jobs come in only sporadically. Most of the work can be found here: https://mick-wout.com/

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    I'm a freelance tech writer. Essentially, I help startups and enterprises with content strategy, copywriting, ghostwriting, and practically any form of marketing that has words!

    You can check out some of my work here at a business blog of my client's:

    Alternatively, you can learn more about me through my LinkedIn:

    P.S. -- Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn! The more the merrier!

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    What do you do?
    Build apps and websites. I'm a full stack developer!

    Where can people find out more about you?
    Personal site: https://allisonseboldt.com
    Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/allison-seboldt-3a501746/

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    • Data Science
    • AI/ML
    • Proof-reading
    • Science coding
    • CAD & CAE

    Feeling alone here... anyone interested? Wrong business idea or wrong community? :)

    1. 1

      Maybe an opportunity to start a related community :)

      1. 1

        thinking about it indeed!

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    I mostly do software design, system architecture, algo and software development. I get most of my work from companies, CEO's CTO's I previously worked with.

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    UX & product design

    • Product strategy
    • Evaluation and prioritization of your backlog
    • UX/UI design

    Haven't translated my portfolio yet, but feel free to connect on twitter https://twitter.com/adriengonin

    Or check the website I made for my evaluation & prioritization service https://kumamodel.com

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    I do content writing and copywriting.🤘🏻


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    I’ve been writing software professionally for over 6 years. I’ve helped develop a large distributed healthcare system with dynamic form creation, a learning management system with on-demand video streaming, a Slack-like chat and video client for a large telecom company, as well as several other solutions. I’ve led remote teams, hired and trained engineers, designed data models, and worked effectively with my non-technical peers.

    My website is pretty bare right now but you can find out how to reach me there: https://jmarchello.com be

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    I'm a freelance developer. I primarily work with companies that use WHMCS (a billing platform for web hosting) and create custom modules for them in php.

    I also offer full stack web app development which I prefer to use Ruby on Rails and StimulusReflex.

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    I'm freelance SEO consultant. I help brands achieve better visibility on search engines for growth and profit. [SEO audits, consulting, technical, content..]. I'm also writing a book https://webperformance.recipes/
    You can find me on Twitter @LoukilAymen or via my website aymen-loukil.com

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    Content strategy, marketing, writing. I work mostly with SaaS & e-commerce companies.


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    • conversion rate optimization
    • paid ads (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc)
    • email marketing and marketing automation
      contacts - www.rocketcrolab.com
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    Graphic design.
    I focus on branding but I often get asked if I can help with websites so I recently started making basic websites in Webflow.

    Here is my website: https://en.studiolars.nl

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    Growth Marketing and Building a sustainable community! www.trumbullads.com

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    I don't freelance, but I have hired freelancers several times. Mostly for web design. I am now experimenting with outsourcing research for content generation.

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    Software contracting/freelancing!

    For those curious, I just recently started blogging about my experiences at https://contracto.dev where I write about tips, how-to blogposts and job posts around software contracting.

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    This comment was deleted a month ago.

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