What do you guys think of this landing page?

Hello Indie Hackers,
We’re building a tool that gives sales reps the tools that they need to replicate and in-real-life sales experience online.

We think is going to help a lot of e-commerce and Saas companies improve their sales performance online.

I would love it if you guys could visit our landing page and tell us what you think of the concept and maybe give us feedback on the page (copywriting + design).

Here is the link : https://sappien.co/

Thank you!

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    If you have a product, might be nice to show it either as an image, gif or video.

    Would create how it works. Something like

    1. add your tools easily
    2. watch them with sappien
    3. convert more

    Add an about us section.

    Change the layout of "What's in the box", just a wall of text at the moment.

    If you have an idea on pricing might be worth putting that in there.

    Add some logos of ecommerce platforms.

    Few quick questions :)

    Did you create the landing page yourself?
    Did you look at themes and landing page builders?

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      Hey Volkan, thank you for the great feedback!
      We actually built the LP ourselves.
      We'll definitely add images of the products asap.
      Still not sure about the pricing, but I'll add it as soon as I know more or less what it'll be.
      Otherwise, any ideas about the actual product?

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        The product seems like it does too much.

        text chat, phone calls, video calls (never seen that done before live on a website, is the tech possible?), one time offers, bundles, lead scoring, performance reviews.

        That is 7 different SaaS tools and you will be competing vs best in class for each of them.

        I would speak to customers and decide what route to take.

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          Thank you for the feedback Volkan 🙏
          As for the video calls, we have a little MVP that we built ;)

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