May 3, 2019

What do you guys use for app logging?


I know the usual datadog, papertrail(using it right now but became crazy expensive), etc but I'm looking more at something like, which is more language specific and share more data in a structured way(for Ruby On Rails in my case).

I tried but they don't respond to support and couldn't make their gem work as I wanted. Any alternatives?

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    Check out if you are interested in a combined logging and performance analysis / debugging tool.

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    I use papertrail in my day job, and in my side projects. Easy to integrate, cheap, and to the point

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    I use in my day job and side projects. No complaints so far.

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    I use Papertrail. As mentioned, it easy, cheap and does most things. However, it does not do parsing of logs. So if you have something like response times or HTTP status codes, Papertrial does not have a feature to average the response times over period X, or to count the amount of 40x and 50x response codes. This is a bit annoying, but if you have no use case for that, then Papertrail is pretty nice.

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    For back end monitoring and troubleshooting, knowing my way around /var/log is still pretty viable for me. Used New Relic for years (free and paid) as well as datadog but as you mentioned, things can get crazy expensive quick. I second the sentiment about DIY solutions if you're cost conscious. May also want to check out if you're looking for front end monitoring.

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    I've been super happy with at work on all Rails projects. They have an official Ruby Gem and have their own query language similar to sql that makes it really easy to query for any messages

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    Have you considered DIY alternatives? Don't be afraid of Kibana, it helps us a lot.

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      As a startup I would not "roll your own" unless you have very specific use cases. Many people underestimate the effort to manage a Kibana cluster. Once your logs grow, I wish you good luck with scaling and managing an Elasticsearch cluster.

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