Product Development April 8, 2020

What do you guys use to keep track of project progress?

Ste Dobrescu @SteLofo

I was wondering what tools you use to deal with:

  • project progress
  • team/client communication
  • tracking changes and updates
    Slack, Discord, Notion, comments on Figma etc.
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    Project Management:
    Chat: Slack and Discord

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    Personal blog:
    Notion mainly for changes/updates no team

    ActiveCollab (tasks)
    Microsoft Teams/pcloud/Skype

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    Hi Ste,
    Me and my team use different tools depending on client, but the one that we use the most is Trello.
    It's also from Atlassian but it's very simple. I think it's the best fit for smaller teams.

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    Atlassian stack. It's free for 10 and under users.

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    At my day job, we are using Github Issues and Zenhub for dev-related things. For personal (one person) projects, I have a physical whiteboard near my desk.

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    Honestly I just used google docs, excel, keep to track. I will put to-do items in keep. Big features I will elaborate in the google docs. Free and simple. Btw, if you want to have video log to track your progress, I welcome you to join community. It will be a great place to have self documentary videos talking about your work and life. You will have fun there 😊

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    I love using Gantt charts to make a roadmap (I generally use JIRA with the WBS-gantt plugin, but any free gantt software / application will do). This really helps with creating and sticking to a vision for your project.
    I find it hard to find the motivation to work on a project when there is no clear vision ahead.

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    Project progress:

    Team com: Slack