Landing Page Feedback December 30, 2019

What do you like and dislike about my MVP?

Philip @NaoLimao

I've recently brought this project back to life. It helped me a lot so I want to create a tool for everyone to use. ✌️

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    Hey @NaoLimao, I really love the website and the idea behind it! However, the warning alert on the bottom right page isn't the best idea IMO because instinctively user's close alerts, I just did for example, and then I had no idea how your website works until I opened in a new browser.

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      I came here to say this too. It's a really attractive feature that everything is stored locally- but I just assumed the message was a cookie warning.

      I think if you changed the style of the popup to a centered 'welcome', it would have a completely different feel.

      => an example I found on dribbble:

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        Great suggestion! 👍 Will do! Seems a to be a common issue :D

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        @JordanR, Yes! That could be really nice!

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    Its a cool idea, nice and simple. My one concern would be clearing my cache and forgetting to save my diary entries and losing everything.

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      I feel you. Working on that one next. It seems to be a common concern. What would be a satisfying solution for you? Do you think to have any issues with storing this kind of data on a server of mine? Is encryption or convenience more important for you? :)

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        Its a tough one to crack as what ever you implement will take away from the simplicity that you currently have and importance of encryption or convenience will be different to each user. I will be interested to see how yo progress with this. Good luck

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    I like the immediacy of it but I think that the fear of losing my entries would stop me from using it.

    In theory there's nothing to stop you from providing exactly the same functionality apart from having an optional one time login (until browser cache cleared).

    I'd rather lose my login than all my entries after an accidental or forgetful browser-clear.

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    Interesting. I can see myself using it (used something similar).
    +1 for the popup. I'd suggest a discrete sticky message somewhere with the option to A. dismiss and B. Don't see forever

    I'd still be concerned and fear loosing all data.
    Is it possible to back it up to google drive for example ?

    I was wondering, do you have any insights on how secure local browser storage is ? ie. can we store sensitive data ? Would like to develop something that uses this tech but a bit worried.

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      I can totally relate with that. I have this feeling myself and save my data every now an than. This is the reason there is already an export function in the settings section. But yes this is a pain. Using a google drive integration is a great idea, i've seen it in other apps! I will have a look into it if it's easy to implement.
      I have a feeling that people might be concerned if I would save their data on one of my servers for backups, how would you feel about that?
      I want people to trust this service, I don't want to add ads or sell personal data. I would rather take a small fee for saving the data encrypted with a personal key on a server of mine.

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        I'd say, best option for me would be to link my Google account and sync the data to a drive folder or something similar.

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    I love the idea that everything is local, but I can't help but think many people will accidentally clear their cache and destroy their entries. Even for a 'power user', this could be a simple mistake.

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      Totally agree, I have this feeling myself. I will work on a solution for that next. How would you feel about backing up your data on a server of mine encrypted with a passphrase of yours?
      I want to prevent having an account as it's just quite an entrance barrier and hassle for everyone.

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