Growth February 7, 2020

What do you like the most? To teach marketing or just working and using your marketing skills yourself? Or both? 🤔

Silje Storgaard @SiljeStorgaard

Would you create a business where you teach other people marketing?
Or create/work at a business where you can use your marketing skills?
And why?

And, can you really teach others how to do marketing if you didn't accomplish any great results? Let me know your thoughts 👇

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    I think its always possible to teach others, if your knowledge exceeds theirs in a specific topic.

    @csallen put this nicely in a (recent) indiehackers episode. I'm paraphrasing because I don't remember the exact edpisode (and please correct me if I say it wrong):

    So, while an intermediate marketer probably can't teach an expert. He can still share his knowledge and teach beginners. Because he still knows more than them AND because he is much closer to the knowledge an absolute beginner might need when starting out.

    Also, I think "great results" is very hard to objectively measure. In my opinion a solid marketing foundation is often worth more than singular campaigns with impressive stats. But they are not as easily quantifiable.

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      I agree. I'm probably still in the intermediate phase and teach mostly beginners or people with no clue, but often it's not the high-paying clients.

      What I like better I think, is to help other agencies with their tasks, where I need to continue improving my own skills more.

      So the question is; if I should stop focusing on beginners and use more time improving my own skills - I probably answered my own question here, but by helping others you also test your own skills. So I'm kinda torn.

      All takes time :-D

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    It depends on the person. Most people tell me that I am good at teaching, but I find teaching boring - and like to apply learnings to get results. I do spend a small amount of my time trying to help people out - either here or those that I know through my network.

    I do see a trend of practitioners getting good at applying their skills, then starting a consulting business, with a small fraction of time teaching and a larger amount doing highly paid projects.

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    Why not both?

    Teaching allows you to learn from students and optimize your skills :)

    I'm also teaching and mentoring growth marketing on GrowthMentor. Awesome community!