What do you think about a graphic designer sourcing company?

Hey Guys, what do you think about a service that connects agencies with fulltime remote graphics designers for $500-$1,000 per month.

It's not an unlimited graphics design service, but the designers get to work with the clients directly and remotely just like they would hire a fulltime designer.

What you do you think?

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    Interesting idea, @uchegoodness!

    I agree with @thirdhandbill here. How would a designer be able to work full-time for $500-$1,000/mo? Unless they're living somewhere in the world where the dollar goes pretty far, I'd say this wouldn't work out.

    If you remove the full-time idea and have some sort of cap on number of designs, hours, etc, this could work.

    Still, this is a biiiiiiig project. The biggest challenge here is probably that it's a two-sided marketplace. This means you'll need to find a collection of dedicated freelance designers to provide the supply AND a ton of agencies to drive the demand and revenue. Eventually, you'd need a platform that supported all this.

    I also agree with @TeamPause here. Why wouldn't agencies just start working directly with freelancers? Why go through you?

    Agencies already have resources to find designers. They can use platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, etc to hire fairly inexpensive part-time (or even full-time) designers. Or they can use the unlimited design companies discussed here instead of that. And some can even simply hire a full-time in-house designer.

    So you'd definitely want to know from agencies directly if they'd go for this model at all over finding their own freelancer on other marketplaces, using an unlimited design design agency, or hiring in-house!

    An MVP of this idea might be a finders fee model. This would require you to do great marketing and have a team of above-average designers, portfolios, etc to drive conversion. But you wouldn't have to deal with the management of the relationship, plus you get paid up-front. Then if you prove this concept, you could always use feedback to decide what else you want to build.

    Just my two cents :)

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    One of the main platforms I've used before in this capacity is YunoJuno - essentially a freelancer directory but you can hire people for shorter or longer term contracts. Might be a good one to look at as a competitor?

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    There's two that are doing well: Design Pickle and Design Joy. You can find posts in IH from Design Joy that highlights their success and growth.

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    my first thought is: how would a graphic designer live on that much monthly (even before your cut and expenses)?

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      More than that, what's stopping the graphic designer from striking their own deal with the client and cut you out?

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