Ideas and Validation February 15, 2020

What do you think about aggregator of messengers?

Andrey @AndrAscii

Hi all! I came up with a new idea for business. How do you think, can be a desktop aggregator of messengers be popular among users?

It will be an application where for instance on the left vertical bar displays all connected messengers (telegram, whatsapp an so on). You can see a notification about new message and from which messenger it came. You'll can choose a messenger and reply to it from this application.

What do you think about it? Can it be popular or not and why do you think so?

Thanks in advance!

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    Not a new idea. What's good, as there is demand. I'm afraid messengers nowadays are closed. Anyway, if you release something, I'll definitely sign up!

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      Thank you very much!

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    Alternative of Franz ?

    What’s your plan to make it better and stronger? Would love to hear if any new use case or features :)

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      Hm, thank you very much for the link. The presence of such software says that the idea may be worth implementing but on the other markets.

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        I have used Franz for years so this is a firmly established competitor which you will need to work very hard to beat them. But not just them, this is a very crowded space with some solid products.

        If you can come up with a serious edge that is feasible and in demand, pursue it. If just the currently mentioned idea, I wouldn't.

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          Are there another companies that do the same thing? Can you name them?

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            Meetfranz, all-in-one-messenger, rambox, station....definitely more out there too

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              Thank you. It looks like that is hard to come up with something new/innovative here to acquire an audience.

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        Any example?

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          Example of what? I have no anything, it just an idea that was born in process of my brainstorm and only now I found out that there is a competitor which is an interesting point. Thank you for that.

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    This reminds me of Trillian back in the day. Everyone I know used this to unify AIM, ICQ, IRC, Google, and many more.

    Definitely interesting to me but I do worry that these kinds of platforms are becoming more and more closed. For example, Slack removed their IRC Gateway.

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      I interesting in number of people who can use it every day. If this number is big then I can raise money by selling an ad in it like Viber do.

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    In general, this is a good idea, but might be problematic to implement. I would actually prefer the mobile version maybe.

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      Some smartphone it is already a messenger aggregator I think =)

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    Hey, Andrey, have you looked an all in one messenger? Does that go into the direction of what you are thinking of?