Landing Page Feedback April 15, 2019

What do you think about my website?

Emre Ünal @Emrnl

Hi everyone, I am new in this community. So far I really love being a part of it. Can you give me feedback about my website? This is kind of a portfolio page where we show our previous games. There are some games which are not available in the market now but at least I have their videos. I am not really sure how I can improve it, any suggestions? Or do you like it?



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    Here are few things that I'd suggest would quickly improve the user experience, and possibly conversion (the goal of this page).

    • Reduce the size of grid items in half and add whitespace between them
    • If it's an active one, move twitter feed on right side of main page with whitespace between this and the grid
    • Move Contact Us option into main header instead of hiding in a menu
    • Below the form, simply write
      Or email us at <One Email address only, I prefer [email protected] >
      (You can use email forwarding on this one address to be notified if any leads are in)
    • Optionally, write a story about the team and put it under "About US" option, yes in main header beside contact us
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      Wow, these are such good advice thank you. I have never thought this post can help me this much to realize things :D Thanks a lot.

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    I think your website looks crowded. The tiles are too big and the resolution is too low on some of the images for the size of the tiles.

    Why not separate the Kongregate and banners into their own sections, "Find us Here!" and have your games and assets in another section. For the games that are not available - "Upcoming" or "In Development." A website like this should try to build trust and excitement for a product you are pushing. I would find inspiration in other studios websites and on various designer platforms(dribbble & uplabs)

    Just my two cents(coming from a game developer myself :p )

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      Hello, thanks for the feedback. I was thinking this website is a lot more like a portfolio for us but you are right I should have more indicators to visitors. Thanks for the suggestions, I will dive into it. Good luck with your games too!!

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    Like your site. Simple and gets the job done!

    Question, do you have a goal? What are you trying to achieve with the website?

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      With this website, I want to share my old games like a portfolio. Also, this website keeps everything organized and it helps me share them easily. The first achievement I would like to achieve is to have more friends in game development. :) I would be really glad if I can meet new people and learn more about how I can do things more professionally. Thanks for your comment and nice to meet you.

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        Nice to meet you too!

        I think your site is a great start and imagine it fits the "good enough" status for making game developer friends and meeting people.

        If I were you and that was my goal, I wouldn't spend too much more time on it (but, get it to where you like it) and instead, do what you're doing now. Getting involved in the community and talking with other developers.

        Ask how you can make a career out of your game dev or whatever questions help you reach your goal. And, find ways to help others do the same. That ought to get you further along where you'd like to be! 🙂

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          Thank you!

          I appreciate the help and friendly suggestions. I have an inspiration quote: "Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs". I am not sure if I am doing right or wrong tho. :)

          But with this goal I am working on my dreams, it is so helpful seeing people with similar goals standing together and helping each other here.

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            Couldn't agree more!

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