What do you think about this idea ?

A movement began to appear in the world thanks to the challenge such as PlasticAttack or No Plastic Challenge, which consists in cleaning the beaches or places too polluted by waste. My goal would be to create a map that everyone could use to be informed about the presence of waste be to color places on the map where he would have seen waste present.
Then this site will be relayed on pages of associations that will allow them to locate the waste and to intervene to clean this space.

To make money, if I have traffic on the site I could do ads for associations but I do not know if this would be really profitable.

CleanerMap is a website (soon IOS mobile application and Android) that allows to list the places where there is too much waste on a beach, in the forest, ... It allows the user to post a photo of a place with waste on a map that will allow associations to gather more easily and organize events. Each user who posted a photo of a place will receive information on the website as well as by email (if they wish) of the place and the actions carried out on it (if there was a cleaning, if waste was once again deposited). Each user contributes to the scale he wants:

  • Take a photo of a polluted place and post it on the site
  • Participate in events to clean up places
  • Share places on different social networks to encourage people to react (to show the evolution or the current state of a place)

Here a little preview : https://i.gyazo.com/98ddb254ce80abfbeda3bed1707adda7.jpg
Other preview (MVP) :

Does this seem viable to you?

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    Pretty maps are great infographics but I think the best way to approach this is to focus on the fundraising aspect of it. Government grants or private nonprofits who share the same goals as you will give you money to go out and do this if you can prove that your operation is efficient. An example of efficiency would be something like cleaning up X tons of plastic waste for Y dollars. These could be animals rights type groups, ocean lover groups, nature conservancy groups, ground water or soil pollution prevention groups, etc. If plastic pollution is bad, what non profits care the most about it? Even though everything is connected like the scene in Good Will Hunting when Will tells Robin Williams why he might not want to work for the government, you want to focus on the nonprofit organization that will benefit the most financially from your efforts.

    If there are movements taking place where volunteers are doing it for free, that sounds pretty damn efficient to me. But with funding, you have choices like paying leaders who can create and manage volunteer campaigns or to directly pay hired workers to clean up beaches rather than rely on social media pictures going viral to inspire people.

    Do some research on Grants Proposals by environmental non profits and study them from cover to cover so you can see the proposals that actually win funding. They contain all the information you need to make it happen because they have to be very transparent about how the money will be used so the entire business plan is right there.

    You simply tailor their project proposals with your project details. If you're serious, I would hire a professional grants proposal writer who specializes in writing these grants proposals. But it's not impossible to learn and do yourself.

    If you don't really care about the environment that much and are just looking for a coding project, I'd probably recommend a different venture because it's really hard to compete against people who use free money donated by dead rich people to reach their organizational objectives. On the other hand, it might be the best thing ever if your motives are in alignment with a politician or large company who is pouring cash into PR campaigns to improve their public image.

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      Thank you very much for your response, so I'll look at the subsidies that associations can give me. What you say is very interesting, I want to really change things because it is possible to see so much disaster on the nature while one should cohabit with it. And do not worry, I love learning so I'll write it all myself!
      I'll come back to you after seeing you around.

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        I'm not a developer so I might have misunderstood your overall objective. My response comes from my personal experience starting a business driven entirely by carbon offsets and the green energy movement.

        But since this is a technology focused community, I think I might have misread your intentions for the post. Either way it will be interesting to see how you approach the problem. Thanks for sharing!

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    Today I saw the news on a millions of animals’ extinction. I’m totally understanding you!!

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      Those animal videos on Youtube get me every time! haha

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    Hi Nartydev - Good idea. In fact, there was a startup recently in YC startup school, which did something similar, they were well received. Its a young space , so you could build something as well.


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      Oh yes it's very cool what they did! But I would like it to be bigger groupings with associates that could help promote visible waste on the map. And focus on the big garbage groups, not like a city like San Fransisco which is one of the greenest cities in the world. :)

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        Yup, I see there is definitely scope for this idea... all the best, buddy !

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          Also, just an idea ~ think about if you can build an "app" only version of their product, without the "picking stick part" -- more like a social network / community... more around selfies or pics / trending...etc... and making it interesting & meaningful somehow...

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            This is the direction I set when I finished the MVP :) Thank you very much for your idea!
            I would like to create a timeline of each place so that there is a history and see if it gets worse or not. With an opportunity to comment and like the places

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              Yup..its a start.. idea is to make it interesting for people to stop by atleast once a day or a week - easier said than done. all the best.

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    This is of course viable but you should get interested people's email first before spending your life building an MVP and loosing all your energy for something that you wont be able to sell :D

    Else, this is a cool project. In Toulouse, France, we have a movement called TechForGoods, it's pretty hype atm so go for it :)

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      yes my MVP would take me 1 to 2 days to be functional. I sent emails to people who might be interested but the environment is not very attractive.

      I want to launch this project only in France at first

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        Oh, [email protected] then, here's my email :D keep me updated, need to see the product ^^ (Not sure if you speak french mais si jamais hésite pas à me contacter :p)

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          Pas de soucis, je t'enverrais un mail une fois la MVP sorti.
          Si tu connais des associations ou personnes qui peuvent être intéressé par ce projet n'hésite pas. :)

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            Ha bah clairement TechForGood https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Tech-For-Good-Occitanie/

            Après les communes sont souvent intéressées par les évenements type 'nettoyage d'une zone' :)

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    Hi, i want to address my experience of listening SOS method(https://sosmethod.co/) music while working. This is an meditation tool which helps us to focus more on the things what we are doing. Its really awesome.

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    If you want to see preview : https://i.gyazo.com/98ddb254ce80abfbeda3bed1707adda7.jpg
    All it's in french because the project will be launch in France
    Tech : ReactJS and Firebasen, so that if it works I can move easily on a hybrid application

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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      Indeed it blocks at the business plan level.

      For people who hike or walk regularly or just young people who see a dirty place. Yes, after that you have to think about it but I would do the action with my friends at first and send the result to associations that will accept or not to collaborate with us. I would also like that when an association has finished cleaning a tweet be done to the person who posted the location.

      My friends and I will be mostly on the island of France around Paris.

      I assume that it is a gesture that costs nothing and that if the message passes and echoed a lot of people could be interested in that.

      No business model ^^, for the moment I do not know how I could generate money thanks to a project like this ...

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        The bright side is that it won't take much to test the theory. Spend a few hours cleaning and then post the pictures to see what happens. In a worst case scenario, you sleep well at night after doing good to mother nature.

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        I can sell a cleaner kit lol

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