Landing Page Feedback November 11, 2019

What do you think about this landing page?


I want to get a newsletter off the ground, and this is the landing page:

What do you think? Does it make sense to you? Is it clear what the newsletter is meant to be about? I would be happy about any feedback, thanks fellow indies!

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    Great work, love the colour too - green invokes intellect. If you are looking to test other colours, purple is a sign of wealth they say. Only change I'd honestly make it the 'Archive' section - I was keen to sign up, but the the two example articles you had there didn't really grab me. Otherwise love the copy and layout. What template did you use?

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      Thanks a lot! Glad you like the landing page. It's built using a landing page builder I found here on Indie Hackers - and it's pretty great. Very easy to use, and great results.

      Thanks also for the feedback on the articles. I'm just starting out, so those are actually the only two examples I have currently. Once I have more, I can put the best performing examples up.

      What kind of topics would have been more interesting for you, if you don't mind sharing? Or is the style off? This is very valuable feedback, as I work on nailing the tone and content.

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        Thanks for the link :D So to help you think of topics, a good way to start is to answer the most common questions people search for. Just type in "personal finance" here for a little inspiration - then adapt your subject lines to answer those queries.

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    Looks good. I think the titles with the green text in the questions section is a bit jarring. You may want to experiment with some other colors there. Maybe more neutral. Besides that, good stuff!

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      Thanks a lot for the feedback. Choosing color schemes is hard 😅 I like blue, but it's overused. I picked green because it seems like a very "personal finance" color, but I didn't realize that the FAQ text could look jarring.

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        Gotcha! Just one mans opinion. :) But overall it's a good clean landing page. What are you planning to do for marketing?

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          Engaging and participating in relevant communities online. Posting the written content online (Reddit finance communities, Twitter, Medium. Maybe Hacker News, if there's a techy/sciency/startupy aspect to the weekly article, etc.). Plan to work hard on consistently generating interesting content.

          That's the whole plan currently. I'm listening to a lot of podcasts, and reading a lot about growing newsletters, as it's a very new thing for me. My usual comfort zone is solitary coding, and not engaging with people 😄

          Do you have any advice on that?

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            I currently face the same issue. My product isn't even half complete and i've already been thinking a lot and planning some marketing. What I've gathered is that there is basically two ways to get customers: Content or paying for eyes. The content route is the safest but probably the hardest I would say. Paying obviously is risky because it's money put in. I will probably go the paid route by finding influencers on youtube, ig, etc. Maybe paying someone else a 100$ or so to get featured in their newsletter. Meanwhile capturing as many of those eyes as possible to my email list, social media, or as signed up users. This way the money invested gives you long-term value. This is my plan for now.

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              Good luck!

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    I think it's a really great start. I'd pull out the items from the 'Personal Finance' paragraph and highlight exactly what you're offering a little more. And be more confident in yourself! You've done all this work but putting things like 'I have answers (maybe).' or ' that there is less pressure to send out lower quality stuff.' makes it seem like you aren't confident in your own idea! Your confidence will translate into readers confidence.

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      Thanks, that's great feedback. I hadn't thought of it that way.

      I was shooting for a bit of self-deprecating humor with the "I have answers (maybe)" etc. You know, to stand out a bit from a lot of the (very similar) landing pages out there. I didn't realize it could come across as shy/non-confident. Really good to know!

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    The website looks nice. The artwork is great, minimalistic look but it explains everything. Do you plan on monetizing in the future? or this is just a side project for you?

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      Thanks for the comment. I have a "let's see where this goes" approach.

      I would be very happy if it got enough readers that I could have a bit of an audience crossover with other projects. For example, I'm also working on a personal budgeting app. When I launch that, if this has an audience interested in personal finance, I might have an easier time getting some initial feedback.

      I'm not going to actively look for sponsors/ads though, or similar monetization methods.

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        I like the idea of building up an audience with a newsletter and using that for the products you make.