June 29, 2019

What do you think about this?? Twitter-related #idea-validation

Marcos Sorribas @MarcosSorribas

Do you use Twitter? I use it every day. There are tons of value in my feed. There always are interesting articles, ideas, and threads coming around. The atmosphere that my feed has is very inspirational for me.

I'm sure that if you are using Twitter since old times, you came out with an interesting following list.

That's why I'm curious about what other people see when use Twitter. What tweets they see and what are the popular topics in their feeds. In the end, our thinking is built around the content that we consume. So....

Do you like to see twitter like @Naval [https://twitter.com/naval]?


Do you like to experience twitter like @nntaleb [https://twitter.com/nntaleb]?

Imagine a service that let you mirror Twitter feeds from other users.

1º Do you find it valuable?

2º Would you use it?

3º Who will be your firsts Twitter users to mirror?

I'm curious about it.


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    Sounds cool.
    It might be worth mentioning that the arrangement of tweets in timelines is largely based on interaction / engagement level. If I frequently talk to someone over DM, or like and retweet them, then their tweets will have a higher rank in my feed.
    You could also try ranking the tweets by popularity (i.e. most engagements), or sequentially as they are posted.
    I'll definitely use it.

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      Thanks for your reply! Totally agree, It might be interesting because Twitter is also doing some experiments in his ranking algorithm (lastest, popularity...) so there is room for new ideas.

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    So, a stream / timeline where I would see what any other twitter user would see? (basically as if I follow the 600 accounts they follow)

    Subjective responses

    1º Do you find it valuable?

    hm just for curiosity

    2º Would you use it?

    Probably no, I think the value of twitter is that I first follow someone that I find interesting and the that person tweets and/or retweets someone (basically curating the content for me)

    If I just follow the N numbers of followers they do, I would skip the "filter for me part".

    I usually start following someone when one of the accounts I follow re-tweet them a lot and/or when I found something in internet repeatedly from the same user, then I "subscribe to it"

    3º Who will be your firsts Twitter users to mirror?

    hm myself (to see if it's working properly :P)

    I found a couple of death projects that used to do the same.

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      Interesting. Thanks for your reply. My use case is more like:

      • When I wanna introduce me to a new niche where I'm a beginner. For example, I wanna start investing. The first thing I do is going to twitter and start following people that talks in daily basic about investment and start curating my own list. But that list is already curated for each of them so it would be easy to mirror their feeds and start reading their content.

      Do you mention death projects, could you send me links about them? I would like to check it out.

      1. 1

        Ah now, that's interesting. Getting a curated list of tweets accounts for an specific topic. I would be interested in that.


        • Easy to forget that I have to go there (probably a chrome extension to the twitter page could mitigate)

        This one is not quite dead, but I didn't try it (didn't want to sign up

        Apparently in 2011 twitter enabled and disable this feature.

        cTwittLike, was an iOS app (probably can still be found somewhere)

        And more where that came from:


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