Landing Page Feedback March 29, 2020

What do you think of my landing page? A website that promotes it own usage

Maxim Geerinck @maximg

I created Beta Notify (
Beta Notify is a website builder where users can create a website to gather email sign ups for their upcoming product.

Using my own product I created such a beta notifier page.

What do you think? I'm by far not a UI/UX expert and would love feedback on the current looks and feel. Also is the product clearly explained? What are your questions/remarks?

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    Looks cool!

    The slideshow being a slideshow was not immediately obvious. Light blue or white on light green doesn't create enough contrast to create visual interest. Personally, I avoid slides given the risk that a user might not go through them at all.

    Also... the font used for the slideshow gives me strong Spongebob vibes.

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      Will update the images to product images soon :)

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    hm,i went to the link and got "Welcome to nginx!"
    edit: https works, but you seem to have posted a http link, which doesn't currently

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      Thanks, adjusted the post!

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    Just so you know, the button has an issue on mobile

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      Thanks for mentioning, what mobile device are you using?

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    looks good, how come you decided to go with images for the slide show?

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      It's meant to contain images of the product that is being "waited" for, to spark interest

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      This comment was deleted 6 months ago.

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    That's pretty cool! What's the benefit over using the landing page makers of most email providers (Mailchimp, ConvertKit, ...)?

    Also, while I like the concept, most landing pages probably include a little bit more content, would I be able to add a feature section here? A FAQ? Pricing?

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      Hey, Thanks for your feedback!
      The big benefit over the other competitors such as the ones you've mentioned is that this website is easier to use, just select a template, customize some sections (background, logo, social media, ...) and you're ready to go.
      Afterwards you're able to contact and follow up with users.

      Keeping this so tailored to it's goal also allows for higher quality such as responsiveness, artwork, ...

      Indeed, other sections such as FAQ and pricing could be added in the future, but this will depend on the feedback. I want to keep it as easy to use and as low profile as possible without compromising on functionality.

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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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      Thanks, I will definitely launch different templates for the user to choose from in the future.