December 2, 2019

What do you think of my landing page for DarwinMail?

I've gone through 100s of iterations for DarwinMail's landing page and a lot of the time it has been from the feedback I have received!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the current design?

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    I like the design and the way you explain things. Visually appealing and concise. I think you would be better off to show the features: bundles, snooze, etc ahead of security and privacy. I feel like I'm more interested in knowing why Darwin is unique right up front, then I'd want to know how privacy is handled. My 2 cents.

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      Thank you so much. That is a really good suggestion and makes total sense - I have made the changes! Thanks again :)

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    Yes! Get Inbox features back. No need to say more.

    Also, the fact that you have a price is reassuring. That means it will stick around.

    Also, way to go on addressing privacy concerns. But beyond the claim that Google did a lengthy audit, architecturally, does it means you are not even capable of storing emails?

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      Thank you so much for your kind words - I really appreciate that :)

      I'm afraid anything is possible, but I certainly do not store emails - and my code can be viewed by anyone who visits the website to see for themselves!

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    Great design!

    I had some issues with the display animation for the pricing section. I need to scroll way too far down before the plans appear. There's a moment where I can only see the coupon field and the contact us link, which had me thinking that was all there is.

    I know it sounds lazy but I did not like that each plan had a different pricing period.

    Lite: monthly

    Plus: yearly

    Lifetime: onetime

    I would probably add either a monthly or yearly price to the Lite/Plus Plan and highlight the savings. It's no problem to show for example a monthly price but say "billed annually", or something along this line.

    Otherwise I think the landing page is very good. (Maybe show the pricing section a bit earlier, though)

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      Thank you so much for your feedback.

      The pricing issue has been fixed and the design updated!

      Please let me know what you think :)

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        Works like a charm now :)

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          Fantastic! Thank you for the update :)

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    Overall, I like the landing page... here is my feedback

    1. Is this just a web app? From the first image it looks like a web app, but the following images make it seem like a mobile app as well? You should make that clear

    2. The page is pretty long. I found myself scrolling a bit, You don't need everything on the landing page. Provide enough to entice the user to go a level deeper (e.g. learn more)

    3. I wouldn't have known there was a paid version until I scrolled all the way down

    4. Put some navigation at the top so I can 'jump' to a section

    5. Where are the CTAs? They are too far down and blend in too much with the page

    6. Similar to the other feedback... what are bundles?

    Overall, product seems interesting. The landing page is an iterative process and takes a while to get right. Best of luck!

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      1. It is just a web app. Those images are in fact from a mobile device though - I will have to make this more clear.

      2. Thanks for the tip - I will certainly shorten the page.

      3/4. Will do thanks you very much for this valuable info!

      1. I will add more closer to the top.

      2. I'm going to update the description :)

      Thank you so much for all of your feedback. I am going to make changes based on your feedback today!

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    Very pro and polished look, well done, but the features didn't convince me to try, for the following reasons:

    • I wasn't Inbox user, so i have no idea what 'Bundles' are, and you don't explain them at all. When the first feature is left mystery it sets negative feel "this is not targeted for me".

    • Most of the features are available already in GMail: 'Bulk actions', 'templates' and 'undo send' are directly supported, and 'snooze' and 'reminders' partially (star to kind of snooze, the new 'nudge' as non customizable reminder).

    • Claiming "update signature" as top level feature felt silly. On full read it seems you have some fancy editor, so maybe "visual signature editor" would be better title for that.

    • Dark mode and backgrounds were of no interest, personally.

    • Overall the order of features felt random (e.g. 'dark mode' and 'background' are kind of related features but not presented next to each other), and emotions when reading through the features went "don't understand", "can do already", "can do already", "don't care" etc.

    So, I'd explain what the bundles are, and then focus on the features that GMail doesn't do as well as your product, putting main emphasis on clear explanations how/why your product is superior.

    Hope this helps & best of luck!

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      Thank you so much for your feedback.

      1. I will update the description here :)

      2/3. I'm going to update the description here too.. describing why my features are better in comparison to others.

      1. Thanks for this. A great tip definitely :) I'm going to reorder the features from best to worst IMO! I want to show users the features that offer the best value up front :)

      So, I'd explain what the bundles are, and then focus on the features that GMail doesn't do as well as your product, putting main emphasis on clear explanations how/why your product is superior.

      Quality feedback, thank you so much I will do that today :)

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    I like the wall of love on the homepage, that will definitely give strong social proof to any potential customers.

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      I agree 100%! And they are direct links to Twitter so users can read the bio/see the other tweets of the person who tweeted if they wish!