Landing Page Feedback March 24, 2020

What do you think of this product demo video?

Leyland Jacob Elia @leylandjacob

I'd love feedback on this product demo video I made.


  1. Does it explain the product well?
  2. Is there anything unclear or questions you are left with?
  3. Was there any part that dragged or you lost interest?

I've never made a demo video before. I have pretty limited video experience, but I wanted a fun, fast, energetic way to communicate the product so I gave it a go. I spent about 2 hours and $50. I used the built in Mac screen recording, iMovie, and Canva.


Ps. Also, would anyone be interested in a post where I show how I made this? Let me know.

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    I actually like the energy of the music. However, the energy of the visuals don't match that of the music. I would recommend having some motion in the visuals. Also, you have some shots where it is hard to read the text on the screen. Suggest zooming in a bit more to the appropirate content.

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      Thanks @girishw. Gosh , I'd love to add some motion to the visuals, but I think that might be outside my skillset right now 😆. I'll definitely look at zooming in a bit more, that I can do 😊. Thanks for the feedback!

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          @girishw awesome! That definitely gives me some ideas for the next version. Thanks

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    The video is great, congrats! =D

    But here's my piece of advice: the video works perfectly if you have read the landing page before. If you haven't done it, you need some seconds to catch up and find out what the product is. I understand that you want to be fast and energetic, that's cool. But I would add just one slide more explaining in one short phrase what I'm going to see before explaining how it works.

    In my case, I've understood it much better the second time I've watched the video.

    Anyway, just my opinion :) Congrats!

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      Got it @jaimegrau. We do just dive right in to how it works, great feedback!

      Curious, what part/info specifically did you feel was missing? What would "one slide more explaining in one short phrase what I'm going to see" say or include on it?

      Thanks ✌️

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    What you showed in the demo seemed pretty clear and I got a pretty good understanding of what you offer. The video was nice and tight which was a plus. Only criticism is the music felt distracting to me.. almost like it was the star of the show, not your product 🤷‍♂️. Did you consider doing a simple voiceover explaining things as we're shown elements on the screen? Or perhaps just make the music less loud overall?

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      @wardmemberspace thanks for checking it out. Not the first time I've heard the music is a bit "intense" 😂. Definitely considered another track or decreasing volume. Will keep that in mind for the next iterations.


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    This is one of the best landing pages I've seen, I love the video and keeping it simple means I'm left with a clear message and understanding of the product. I'd even update your landing page to show a headline and video first! The free beta version is a good idea and should help with conversion. I wouldn't use myself as I'm not freelancing but I can see how useful it'd be for other areas e.g. job search, wedding planning, etc. so I'd love to hear if you expand into this space :)

    1. Yes, yes and yes!!!
    2. All clear :)
    3. I'd say the opposite - nothing dragged for me however some bits (e.g. email templates) were shown really quickly which left me feeling a bit like I couldn't keep up - I wouldn't suggesting slowing it down too much though because a video lasting less than a min seems best for your product

    Great job @leylandjacob!

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      Thanks for the great feedback @krupali

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    The video is great actually, it explains everything it needs to. Tbh I wouldn't need to use it (yet) but just wanted to leave some feedback. I am interested on how you went about making the project though.

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      Thanks for the feedback @KaseyNorth. Are you interested in how we made Betterlance or the video?

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        Betterlance. sorry if I was unclear

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          @KaseyNorth no problem. So my co-founder has been a freelancer for 12+ years and I've worked in agencies and with dozens of freelancers over the past 8+ years. We've been thinking of different tools to help freelancers and over the past year we started experimenting with Betterlance.

          At first we talked to over 50 freelancers and just listened to the problems they faced. Our first MVP focused on providing 1-on-1 coaching to freelancers. We generated some interest and a few paying customers, but ultimately found 1-on-1 coaching to not be the business we wanted to pursue.

          We recently revisited our customer interviews and found that a common thread was around freelancers doing sales. "How do I go about growing my business?" "How do I find new clients?" "How do I nurture my existing clients?"

          We know from experience that the best source of new revenue for freelancers is to tap in to their existing client base and network. Most freelancers don't take advantage of this enough. By simply maintaining good connections with your client base you can find new projects and grow your sales revenue.

          So we created a tool to allow freelancers to add their client list, automated weekly reminders to follow up, and created some simple email templates that users could use to follow up with clients. We've already seen freelancers start getting more projects and work by simply reaching out to their clients and checking-in. Crazy.

          We plan to continue adding some features/functionality to the existing product and then possibly look at expanding in to generating leads for freelancers.

          Would love to know what feedback or thoughts you have.


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