Developers September 24, 2020

What do you use for cloud file storage?

Andrew @andrewpierno

Thinking about building a service on top of an s3-compatible storage provider. Curious what you guys use for storage.

What storage provider do you use?
  1. S3
  2. Google's cloud storage
  3. azure cloud storage
  4. minio
  5. wasabi
  6. other?
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    I use Firebase cloud storage which is google cloud storage underneath

    1. 1

      Same here. Ftr to anyone reading I'm not confident it's the cheapest option but it is easy and secure

  2. 1

    I use Wasabi because of their cheap egress fees.

    1. 1

      me too. Secretly I was fishing to see how many people know about / use wasabi. It's amazing.

      The idea is that wasabi doesn't have a good way to delete files after x days so it was going to be a small service to do that. but I don't know if there's enough demand yet for people using it :/

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    When I need something s3-compatible I use backblaze I have never found anything cheaper. For cdn service I use bunny cdn It's cheap and with a great customer service.

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    other - Filestack

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    I use backblaze for, it’s much cheaper and works with s3 libraries. I haven’t had any issuers with it and so far has been free.

  6. 1

    I've used S3 but currently researching B2 from backblaze.

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    I'm using DigitalOcean's Spaces. It's pretty cheap and works well.

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    I use S3 to store gigabytes of Movie Posters, Movie Images, and Cast and Crew photos for It is very cheap and reliable. I stick CloudFront in-front of it to have it work more as a CDN, white label the domain it uses, and provide SSL for asset delivery.

    I have never thought of leaving S3. It works beautifully.

    1. 0

      s3 is a lot of things but cheap is not one of them ime.

      are not a lot of people viewing/downloading the stuff you upload?

      storage costs are ok on s3, but you get gutted on ingress egress.

      1. 2

        With CloudFront in-front of S3 you get some great caching benefits which help to minimize cost. The cache rules take a bit of tweaking to get right but once you have them right it can optimize costs pretty well.

        1. 0

          That's a good point for certain content types and use cases.

          I'm not ragging on you, just on AWS but this solution is like:

          pay AWS more to find a work around to a problem AWS created.

          1. 1

            Well when you say it that way 😂

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    I'm building a web app now where I need storage for images. I'm using Google's cloud storage.

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    I've used S3, GCS and Minio in the past.

    It depends on your target audience but I'd look into the marketshare Cloud providers have. Here's a free report where you can see the current rankings

    What's also noteworthy is that Chinese clouds are catching up rapidly.

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      Thanks! It's not the overall cloud usage I'm looking for, just the storage layer.

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        I see! I voted for S3 as I've used that the most...

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          thanks, appreciate it! S3 is my assumption as #1 but wanted to make sure :)

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