August 13, 2020

What do you use to build your landing page?

Diego De La Tore @diegodlt

What do you guys use to build your landing pages and integrate some kind of payment system.

I want to get from idea to launch🚀 as quickly as possible and stop wasting time on things that I can't do or shouldn't be doing.

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    We use Webflow for our landingpage, and are very happy with that. Very fast to set things up, and it gives you more or less the same control as you would have through normal HTML+CSS.

    We use vanilla Stripe for payment for our SaaS, but I think we we were to do it again, we would go for something like Chargebee or use Stripe Billing so we would develop even less ourselves. If you're not a subscription business, I think something like Gumroad would make your life even simpler.

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      Thanks a lot for the advice!

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    I know there are a lot of tools out there to generate a nice looking landing page, but I always stick to designing it by hand so I have full control over the information. Mostly React :)

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      Do you create it from scratch or do you use some builder that helps to generate it into reactjs?

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      Weren't they active on IH for a while? I've been meaning to reach out to them.

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      Very nice looking templates, thank you!

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    Carrd is a great cheap option.

    We built if you ever plan on adding a blog and want a SEO optimised website.

    Webflow is built for designers and requires a huge upfront investment to use the tool.

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      I didn't know about this one. It looks really nice, thanks!

  4. 2 - A super simple, copy-writing-focused landing page (that happens to be free :).

    If you like it, I can send a link to an editor I'm building with the original designer. It's free, super simple, and outputs HTML you can upload wherever you want to host.

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    I use Elementor most of the time

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    For offdesign , I'm using a free bootsrap template found on github and deploy the website with render.

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    I posted a recent review when I launched my new site but have been very impressed with Unstack.

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    Tailwind CSS because it gives you the most flexibility when it comes to designing web apps.

    No code tools seem like a waste of time for me because I love everything to be custom and the skills gained in custom development and design are more useful in the long run than just a setup of a website theme builder.

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      I use to think the same way, but after listening to the stories on the Indie Hacker podcast I've come to realize that one mistake I always make is trying to do everything myself.

      I have the ability to create a custom website, but I'm not great at design, so I always end up spending too much time on that aspect. I recently read The 7 Day Startup and it really stuck with me. I want to eliminate the things that I always get hung up on, such as design, and just concentrate on the product.

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        That's true, you should not do everything but that would be worth it if you have some extra cash to invest into the product for a freelance designer.

        If you are planning on investing as little as possible, then doing everything at the start might be a better idea.

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    I find to be really convenient and fast to quickly build first versions of landing pages for "ideas". They have simple shopping features too

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    static site generators, host it for free on netlify or firebase. some SSGs have fairly nice themes also.

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    For I used a customized bootstrap 4 and Next.js (React). I deploy it in a Nginx Docker container in a Kubernetes cluster on Scaleway and all the traffic goes through Cloudflare.

    I know that the Kubernetes part is kind of overkill, but I am pretty comfortable with Docker and Kubernetes, I already had a cluster running for some personal projects and I didn't want to sign up for another 3rd party service for static site hosting.

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      Very impressive. While I enjoy the development aspect of creating a website and deploying it, I'm not great at design. Also, I always end up spending too much time on specifics such as which framework, cloud provider, and back end I'm going to use. So I'm trying to eliminate that and just concentrate on building the product and generating revenue.

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    I'm currently using Carrd for Zlides

    And surprise but not surprise, I also use Notion for another side project - Virtual Mojito

    Would love to hear your feedback @diegodlt - let's also exchange opinions about landing page. On twitter? (My link in profile :D)

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      Great looking websites Felix!

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    HTML/CSS + Gumroad

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    There are some popular services out there that make it super easy, such as or Webflow. I prefer to do it myself(ish) using Tailwind.

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    Webflow all way wayyyyyy. :)

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    I like building from scratch, it doesn't take a lot of time for me, and I like the flexibility better than templates.

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    React + Stripe
    To win time you can send us your designs on and we will make the code & integrations :)

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