Product Development July 14, 2020

What do you use to create landing pages?

Abhinav @apicproducts

Landing pages have always been a source of pain for me - they are probably the most important part of your product and doing them right can make a ton of difference, however, given my weakness in HTML & CSS, I always struggle to create one.

As a person too I prefer minimalistic landing pages (both in terms of visually and in terms of code) - what do you all use? And are there any landing pages which you find to be really good?

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    Well check this out.
    Only 1 file HTML just fill it up and deploy.


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      Looks nice man.

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    I built, if you already know a tiny amount of HTML and CSS it is by far the most powerful tool you can use :)

    If you're looking for simple and cheap is good as well.

    I'm always around in live chat if you have any questions.

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    I am currently using Wordpress for Startup Sanctuary, but both Landen and Versoly seem like some great options for building landing pages.

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    I use vue & vuetify, then deploy with vercel. Super easy.

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    Are you looking to improve your html and css skills so you can build landing pages yourself?

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    I use HTML/CSS to create my landing pages. I also sell easy-to-setup HTML themes on

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    I have recently launched to help technical founders with high-converting, beautifully designed websites.

    While they are built on Webflow, you can host easily export the code and host it for free on Netlify, Firebase, Aws and so on.

    In just one month, we have 92 happy customers (and nobody asked for a refund). Check it out. It will save lots of time and headaches.

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      Just check out your products and they look awesome man!

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        Hey, thank you very much for your kond words. I really appreciate your support!

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    Carrd makes for great minimalist landing pages. Probably the most intuitive page builder I used.

    I'd also been liking Stackbit, Github and Netlify for static JAMstack landing sites now. Super fast static sites in minutes, and free hosting and you can even use your own custom domain! And no coding required as you can use an admin CMS for it.

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    Bootstrap Studio (+ React.js if it's something complicated)

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    For offdesign, I'm using this bootstrap template. You will just need to edit it.

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    Hi Abhinav, I've created 28 easy-to-customize FREE landing page templates based on HTML and Bootstrap which are available for download on I wouldn't recommend them in your context if I didn't have users that told me they are easy to use even with very basic HTML/CSS coding skills. Easy to download with no registration required.

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    For simple with bootstrap

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    Install wordpress and use a free template. Usually you don´t even need to add code and the handling is also self-explanatory. I did it this way and it worked out nicely I think - if you want to check it out

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    hey @apicproducts, i have built where you can pick and choose components for your needs to create your landing page.

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      Hey as someone selling components your website should be fast I believe.

      Have a look at

      Design wise

      • Buttons need to be consistent
      • Add CTA at the bottom
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        Hey thanks for your feedback. Never intended it to be shown in public or develop into a product. We’re revamping as we speak . Will definitely bring in consistency and speed with it