Content Marketing February 4, 2021

What do you use to plan your content?


I currently plan my post ideas, tweets, etc. inside a google sheet. What do you guys use?

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    We use Airtable. I highly recommend it. With a spreadsheet-like interface that can be used collaboratively in real time and features like file attachments, so that documents needed for a project can be stored on the spot, it is very useful.

    • There are also pre-built templates for content calendars, campaign tracking and more
    • There is also a free version to get you started
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      Hi, thanks for your recommendation. I did a quick google search on it and found some interesting templates. Will definitely try it out.

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    Google Sheets for me.
    Simple Editorial Calendar where I keep track status of each post
    Ideas, Writing, Editing, Release Candidate, Published

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    Just for the planning part I'm using Google sheets as well, together with some tools like SEMRush and Google search results to determine whether I should pursue a topic in the first place (wrote about my whole process here, if you're interested:

    Whenever the topic is nailed down I recently started using Frase ( as a way to help me layout the structure of my post and then it is just a matter of filling in the blanks by actually writing the piece itself.

    For that I start with Evernote, as I've got years of saved content in there from the web, from Kindle books, etc. so I easily have references available that I can also use in the content, together with some stats that are great to use that are supplied by Frase for example too.

    Whenever I'm happy enough with it, I copy the text inside WordPress and use Grammarly to fix Grammer issue.

    Finally creating/inserting visuals and coming up with social media posts of my piece of content before hitting that publish button.

    Hopes this helps!

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      Thanks for your detailed post! Loved your article - very insightful

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        Happy to help and bring value to you (and others reading the piece ^_^)

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    My content writing system.
    I use Apple notes, Notion, and Grammarly heavily.

    1. Write all of my ideas in Apple notes app. It’s simple, easy and best to write your raw thoughts

    2. I have templet made on notion. I add new doc entry with it and I already have basic structure now.
      I add title and all the raw thoughts but structured this time

    3. I write first draft properly on notion

    4. I proof read it with grammarly

    5. Final polishing happens on grammarly and then I hit publish

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