Growth January 25, 2020

What do you use to schedule, auto-publish on Instagram?


Is later or buffer worth it?

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    There are a ton of them out there.

    Here is a list with more than enough to get you started:

    • Buffer

    • Later

    • Social Sprout

    • Hootsuite

    • RiteKit

    • TailWind

    • Preview

    • Sendible

    • Preppr

    • Planoly

    • MeetEdgar

    • Iconosquare

    • SkedSocial

    • PlannThat

    • SmarterQueue

    If you have any questions about any of them specifically let me know. I've tried most. 🤓

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      Wow - thanks!

      • which one is your favourite?

      • which is the cheapest - or free option?

      • which one can I do everything from my desktop?

      I hope I am not bothering you with these questions.

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        I pay for Buffer right now but it pains me. I'm pretty unsatisfied with what I get for what I pay for.

        Later is good for sure. I used to have a paid account with them.

        If you only care about Instagram then I always hear good things about Planoly. I used them for the trial and did really like their UI/UX.

        Most, if not all, are desktop. If you are serious that's where you are doing your planning.

        You get what you pay for so be careful about trying to find the best free one.

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        I've used Later quite a bit in the past and have been happy with it. They have a free tier for a single account (per social network) which as long as you don't post that frequently is more than enough, and it's easy to schedule from the website on your computer or from their app on your phone.

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    You can use for free.

    Our RiteTag browser extension does hashtag generation for it, btw.

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      Wow - this is amazing! I did not know about this!!!

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        Thanks so much, @ngninja! In you'll see what comes with RiteTag, and in addition to how the browser extension integrates seamlessly with FB Creator Studio, it also works with the social media publishing fields and image attachments (e.g. hashtags for objects recognizable in photos) of all fifteen sites that @JustinCruz listed. And a great many more. Nearly every social media tool for scheduling/publishing text and images to Instagram and all social and content networks.

        If you ever need a hand, please chat to us on the RiteTag site or through the mobile app or browser extension. You'll probably get me and I'll probably be helpful ;-)

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      WOW this is going to make my life so much easier! Thanks!!

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        Thank me for creating this question - HAHA. JK.

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    I'm using both Later and Buffer for my startup and side project respectively. @ngninja

    If your business has heavy engagement on Instagram, I would suggest going for Later

    If you need more features besides just post but also comprehensive analytics and other social media-related features, then go for Buffer.

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    I just researched this the past week for my startup Wanderium ( and I've settled on Planoly:

    Only the services that are official Instagram Graph API partners can actually auto-publish posts for you. Many aren't, and will say they can schedule for you but all they do is notify you at that time and you still have to go into Instagram and copy/paste a bunch of stuff so it actually posts which IMO is stupid.

    Planoly can actually publish for you, but it also ticked off a few other boxes for me: grid planner, can repost content easily, hashtag group manager, and can also manage stories in addition to posts.

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    We created for auto-publishing Instagram Stories (which are not yet available in Creator Studio)

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      Pls check your when you get a chance. I tried Storito, a little stuck. Thanks, @maxweber.

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      Do you know if facebook is planning to add stories anytime soon?

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        I guess they do not have any short-term plans to do this.