Learning to Code September 29, 2020

What Do You Want To Get From The Learning To Code Group?


If y'all haven't noticed, I've volunteered to be the moderator of the Learning To Code group here on IH.

I've been diving in with some questions. The answers have been really interesting and quite diverse. Everybody's learning different things for different reasons in different ways and places :-)

So now I'd like to get a better understanding of what you were hoping to get out of this group when you joined it. Have you gotten it? Spill the tea!

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    I just want to help other hackers along, especially less experienced coders, with my 11 years of programming experience across 10+ programming languages, both front-end and back-end development.

    I just want to give something back. My only regret is that I haven't been too active here, but I'm beginning to set aside regular time to do just that.

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      I ❤️ this all day!

      Are you planning on writing some tutorials here? Or would you be into, say, doing a scheduled AMA on a particular topic?

      (I'm the moderator of Learning to Code, so I'm looking for ways to bring more value to members of the group 🙂)

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        I thought about writing tutorials, but I'm not yet sure, what people here are looking for.

        Mainly, I think I'll be browsing group daily and just answering questions, if I can that is :)

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    Recommendations from experienced developpers on the best materials/resources to learn X or Y programming languages/frameworks !

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      Awesome :-) Is there anything you're learning right now that you'd like that advice on?

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        So sorry I missed your post. Not sure this one will reach your sight but I'm currently learning Python- Django

        In the near future, I'd like to learn about React !

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          Hi! Where/how are you currently learning Python-Django?

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            I've been through Python Crash Course by Eric Matthies which have an entire chapter about Django. That was my first introduction with it.
            I'm about to finish "Automate the boring stuff with Python" and I'll dive into Django afterwards.

            I started curating a few sources to learn about Django:
            _Corey Schafer's Django Playlist on YT

            As well as Django official documentation.

            It'll take at least a few weeks/months going through these resources entirely but feel free to recommend me any other sources you have experience with!

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    Hey there!
    I'm a coder myself so I'll probably answer questions and help others with their coding problems.

    What I'd expect as someone who wants to learn how to code would be small, focused tutorials around SaaS related coding tasks. Setting up Stripe, Adding transactional E-Mails into your SaaS system, integrations with other SaaS related services / APIs, etc. Basically practical content to get your SaaS app up and running quickly.

    I'm not entirely sure if there's a way to make this language independent or focus on one language / framework which is beginner friendly (e.g. Laravel).

    Another interesting aspect might be the deployment / devops parts. This isn't directly related to "learning to code" but should be on the radar when one wants to run a SaaS app "for real".

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      Yes! The devops part gets overlooked a lot when someone is first starting out.

      I'd love to see a DevOps for Everybody kind of resource.

      Have you ever seen a resource that addresses the first part of your comment? Something along the lines of "The 12 Things Every First-Time SaaS Needs To Get Started?"

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        Have you ever seen a resource that addresses the first part of your comment? Something along the lines of "The 12 Things Every First-Time SaaS Needs To Get Started?"

        Good question 🤔. I don't think so. That would be a really nice resource to have when I think about it (combined with "DevOps for Everybody"). That should be enough to build and then run / operate your own SaaS. 👌

        There are a few Open Source boilerplates and commercial solutions out there which offer a skeleton but for me personally they're always too opinionated / bloated with parts I might not need just yet.

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          Would you be interested in doing an AMA or office hours about this? Also, what other topics are you interested in coaching and helping with? Thanks!

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            Given my current time constraints I plan to jump in every now and then to help out.

            Maybe I can commit to an AMA / office hours later on when I have more spare time.

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