What does a "digital presence management agency" mean to you?

So, I've launched my own digital agency business, Tatum Digital Agency, in May and have been doing a lot of work on my website, working in lots of social circles locally, meeting other small businesses, etc and it's been terrific.

The one thing that's intriguing to me is that pretty much everyone I speak with has a different opinion of what a "digital agency" is and has made me mildly worried about choosing that name for my business.

On the website, I try to make the point that we're a "digital presence management agency" and that seems to clarify things a bit for some people, but was curious what others thought about that.

I'm definitely not going to change the name of my business now, so all I can do is manage how it's presented. So, I'm like 99% sure I want to lead with my business being a digital presence management agency but was curious what that meant to other people to make sure that the services I intend to offer match up with what people could expect.

Thanks for your input!

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    I do work for an agency, have had a website dev side business, and do a lot of SEO so I am "in the space", and when you say "digital presence management agency" I think you are a full-service agency doing web dev, social media, and maybe content/blogging. "Digital presence" seems to imply everything I can see and read being generated online for a client. I don't think I would assume it also meant email campaigns, SEO, or reputation management because those are not really in the "presence" bullseye.

    If your clients are on the larger side and fairly savvy this should work in your favor because it sounds very sophisticated. If your clients are SMBs it might sound a bit too fancy so you can always add a sentence that spells it out for them:

    "We are a digital presence management agency that acts as a one-stop-shop for your web development, social media presence, and blog posting. Wherever your potential customers can be found on the web is where we work to reach them for you."

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      Thanks for your feedback, that's exactly how I want to position myself as... a full-service agency. However, I'm targeting startups and small to medium-sized businesses, so I'll take your advice and try to spell it out more for them. Thanks for the tip!

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    For me, it means that you work with websites and social medial channels.

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      Awesome, that's exactly what I offer to clients... particularly startups and small to medium-sized businesses! Thanks for your feedback.

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    Hey AJ,

    Congratulations on starting this venture. I wish you all the best.

    When I read 'digital presence management agency' my perception was that it's an online reputation management agency or brand reputation management agency that renders social listening services and monitors the conversations and sentiments.

    Is this one of the services you are offering under your portfolio?

    Good luck!


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      Yes, it is; however, I don't have a dedicated page for that service yet. I need to get to work on that. Thanks for your input!

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