August 1, 2020

What does an MVP mean to you?

Oskar @meellbn

I'm curious to know what different people consider an MVP

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    SLC 4 life!

    SLC depicted

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    this is our mvp:

    this is how i think about it:

    the mvp is:

    the smallest piece of meaningful value that you can deliver, quickly.


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    You identify a problem & create something which alleviates it to some degree that someone suffering that problem would be happy to pay for. It's not just a landing page collecting email addresses of people with the problem describing how you're gonna help, nor is it a comprehensive fix.

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    To me a MVP is not just a landing page. A landing page describes the product and is not the product itself. An MVP is the first iteration of many iterations of a hypothesis you have. It should not take more than a couple of weeks to build and it should be dead simple. Like 1995 website simple. (ignoring any hard science startups).

    An MVP is also doesn't mean much. You should be able to throwaway all the code and not feel anything. Because its not the MVP that matters, but the solution to the problem you are helping your customers to solve. MVP is simply the manifestation of the solution. So if your problem is a circle and your MVP is a square, throw it away and build a circle.

    Don't build for scale, build for solution.

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    For me an MVP is something that delivers value to the customer and convinces them to stick around for the full picture product to be ready which involves customers giving feedback as well, that is how I define MVP.