March 26, 2019

What does everyone like to use to track users, events, and behaviors?

Rob Race @rob_race

Specifically, if you have both a landing page and an app. Do you use the same platform? Do you use different ones? If different, why are they different? What do you like about your current platforms? and especially dislike.

This is a genuine question out to the community as I feel now would be a great time to mull my options and pick some analytic platforms before I get too far in with my landing page and app for

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    I use for event tracking.

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      Me too!

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    We use Amplitude and Segment together. Segment is connected to our app, and then it feeds data into Amplitude. It gives us a good insight into who is using our product and how.

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    I really like Amplitude. It lets you track arbitrary events client- and server-side and build “funnels” and other charts from them.