Landing Page Feedback November 22, 2020

What does my app do? I would love feedback on my new landing page

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    You app is a tab manager. I haven't used any of them before, so nothing to compare to.
    I like your video, it clearly explains the main value prop of what the product does. Lot's of testimonials is great.

    What I think you could add is an FAQ at the bottom after the big "Try it!" section to cover common objections, and maybe a 'leave your email' for for those who still have doubts.

    My question as a developer: is it actually a 'tab' manager or sort of a 'bookmark' manager? Meaning: are all the tabs that are not currently visible still taking RAM and are active in the background, or are they closed and re-opened whenever I click on the group of tabs? Will it handle 1000 tabs/bookmarks? This is a question I have in mind when thinking about trying your product. On one hand, I'd love those tabs to be active to switch between groups fast, OTOH it won't work for 1K tabs...

    Good luck!

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    Tab organizer - I am in your audience I have currently 70 suspended tabs to read through and only 4 hours to go before the end of the day!
    Does it support "The Great Suspender" ?
    Looks like you've done an amazing job with the onboarding too - only downside, I dont wanna sign-up :P

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    It's a tab manager, but I don't know what a tab manager does or is supposed to do. So I'm probably not your target audience

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    It's a tab amanager, and I think I already follow your project or social media.

    For the review:

    What's awesome:
    Your headline, simple, short and sweet; your testimonials, you have a lot of them and they are well presented. not too much that I feel overwhelmed but enough to make me think you might be better than the 300 other tab managers

    What's boring:
    Your video... it's meh;

    What's confusing:
    "Organize, find, and manage your tabs (and work) in the browser" -> why "and work" > that really threw me off when I read it the first time.

    What didn't I believe:
    Nothing, the product seems to deliver on its aspirations.

    I would greatly appreciate if you could review my landing page too :)

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