What does my product do?

Hi everyone. Just launched my landing page!

Does the copy clearly communicate what value the product provides? Does it motivate you? Does it leave you with any questions?


Feedback is much appreciated! 🙏

Does the copy clearly communicate what the product does?
  1. Yes
  2. No
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    It would help to have an example. When I just read the text, I can't quite tell what you are doing differently from google alerts or similar services. Can you show a short example that highlights your USP?

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      Thanks Michael - working on getting a clear demo video up as soon as possible.

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    Yes it does, quite well (nice! And cool idea) but as others mentioned—why? What job will people hire Hayward for? Include that up front. A good model you see again and again is a hero headline and secondary copy.


    • what does it do? --> organizes work
    • who's hiring and why? Teams who need to know what to do, why it matters, and how to get it done.

    And then discrete problem <-> benefits further down.

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      Probably the simple explanation here is "monitors the web for interesting content". The bigger question is "why do I want to use this?".

      I think what I'm struggling with is it's not easy to explain that in a generic way. Instead, I think I need to explain why different niches might use it. So maybe that means I need to develop different copy for different niches.

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    I definitely get what you’re building and I think the copy does a decent job. As others have mentioned, the one big thing is change is the “Cut through the internet noise” part. That part is a good chance to sell the real problem.

    • You need customer insights but the internet is a big place.

    • Your customers are talking, but can you hear them?

    • Your next customer is asking for your product and you don’t even know it.

    Those are some quick throw away ideas to get the point across. Sell the value, not the product. Great work though! Excited to see where this goes.

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      Are you saying "Cut through the internet noise" did motivate you & explain the project to you well?

      Someone else had mentioned that phrase made no sense to them. They were from the UK, and I notice you're from the US. Perhaps it's copy that resonates well in North America but doesn't make sense elsewhere.

      Thank you for taking the time.

      Also, I've checked out your website & I love the type of projects you work on (privacy focused as well as practical use-cases for blockchain).

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        Ah, yes it definitely resonated with me and I get the reference. But I still wouldn’t lead with it. I’d use as the subheading maybe rather than the main heading.

        And thanks for the kind words about my projects!

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    The internet is full of posts, comments, and content. Someone is having the conversation you're looking for but finding it is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Hayward helps you find that conversation

    I think I understand what the product does from the step by step, but what’s not clear to me is why I would need this - maybe the benefit can be explained? Or perhaps I’m not the target market?

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      I previously had a couple of blocks for "why" but had removed them. I think in order to give appropriate examples, I need to create copy specific for each niche it applies to.

      For example:

      • Bloggers would receive alerts when people are talking about a topic, giving them an opportunity to drop a link to their blog post.
      • Sellers (SaaS, e-commerce, etc.) could do something similar, but pitch their product.
      • Brand managers can receive alerts when their brand is being discussed.

      The idea is that these conversations present great marketing opportunities but they need to be taken advantage of right away.

      (I guess I should just include that answer I sent to you in my copy)

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    In terms of the information hierarchy, the first text that caught my attention was "Cut through internet noise", which didn't make any sense for me and didn't resonate.

    I didn't catch it at the first glance, but only the very last piece of text got me.

    Maybe reversing the order of hierarchy would be better.

    The problem that you are trying to solve definitely resonates with me.

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      Thanks! I appreciate the honest feedback. I've updated the copy as you suggested, removing the vague phrases.

      The problem that you are trying to solve definitely resonates with me.

      I'm glad to hear that! If you're really interested, it'd be an honor to have you as the first subscriber on the mailing list! 😇 Project updates only as I progress with development and I'll likely be looking for alpha testers very soon.

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    It might be good to have bold hero that sums it up even quicker. ”an SEO tool for small businesses’ or ” discover your market”... The top illustration looks like it could easily be a search icon instead of a circle - my two cents

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    Hey! I did a bot-based project some time ago but i was reluctant to try to monetise something that would bypass/ignore the robots.txt. Big platforms don't like crawlers and the most interesting pages are always included in the forbidden sections for a crawlers.

    What are your thoughts on this?

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      Certainly don't want anyone to be in violation of terms of service for any site.

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        Surely you don't but on your landing page it says "Find the communities where your customers are having conversations", so i was wondering if you are going to crawl popular social platforms. Also, cheers i live in Montréal too

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    Just curious, is

    1. Find the communities where your customers are having conversations

    a function that your product will somehow perform? Or will the users have to input those?

    I'm guessing the user has to input a list of forums or social accounts?

    But above it, the text says Hayward helps you find that conversation which suggests it will find the places the conversations are happening for you.

    I think there is a big difference between monitoring some text on a given URL and actually telling me where I should be looking (the latter being harder to replicate IMO).

    Btw the page is nicely designed and easy to read. I did have the same issue as some others, not being entirely sure what's on offer. I get the sense that whilst you have one quite clear use case of Find the communities where your customers are having conversations which is a flavour of page monitoring I'd not seen before. But then you also try to leave it very open ended so other users can make what they want of it.

    The idea of a brand management or support teams gaining insights and maybe even proactively joining those conversations in situ seems much stronger to me than also trying to pitch it as a general purpose text change monitor.

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    I guess the landing page is now updated. Because for me it was:
    Yes.. though I would love to see an example on Hayward works.
    Cause in the back of my mind I was thinking "I could just google it no.?"...

    Otherwise, gotta say, love the look of your website. The color scheme is unique so easier to remember. The name is also very eye catching. If you had a cool logo, I would probably not forget about your service at all :)
    All the best!

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      Cause in the back of my mind I was thinking "I could just google it no.?"...

      Great point! You can think of Hayward as your little helper who is constantly Googling for you, and the minute a new result pops up he's going to let you know. He does the hard work so you can relax in the sauna 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮.

      If you had a cool logo, I would probably not forget about your service at all :)

      Thank you! I actually have the logo prepared mentally, I just haven't had the time to get it into a design.

      1. 2

        Ah alright. That makes sense. Always good to have more time for sauna :)

        Ooh it will be exciting to see the logo once it's out :)

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