What email service do you use for your newsletters?

Right now I’m on mailchimp - it’s my first attempt at all this but so far I really like the interface and it’s super easy to use. Still on the free tier so I’m not sure the price will look as my business scales.

What are you guys using?

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    I am using Email Octopus, they have a free tier for upto 2500 subscribers

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      Thanks. Have you used mailchimp before? If so how does it compare in terms of ease of use, user interface, etc?

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        Let's say I flirted with mailchimp. But found it too much overwhelming, Mailchimp might be better and has a lot of features but I found exactly what I was looking for in EmailOctopus.

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    I use emailoctopus too for one of my email newsletters. Convertkit is also good.

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    EmailOctopus. They were on the Indie Hacker podcast actually.

    They do sponsor my site haha, but I used em' long before...

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      Thanks, I'll check them out

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    I use Revue for my newsletter. But note that, unlike MailChimp that focuses on marketing, Revue is an editorial and personal newsletter platform.

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    I got started with Email Octopus for their free tier, their simple automation sequences, and the no hassle setups.

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    ConvertKit – of all the platforms I've used, it (IMO) scales the best from your first 100 subscribers on a broadcast-only newsletter to full-on automation/newsletter sequencing. It's probably the only SaaS that I very happily pay for whereas most of my other ones I'm a little bit more begrudgingly paying (and thinking "if only I had a few months I could build this). CK does everything I want, it can be a little glitchy but it's really a playground to build whatever kind of newsletter you want.

    Little plug – I made a tutorial on YouTube on ConvertKit basics: https://www.mailinglisthackers.com/convertkit-tutorial-for-beginners-video-guide-2020/

    Also have a video on my other channel talking about how I use pretty complex email automations to capture RSVPs for online conferences, and continue to send emails to those subscribers for many weeks after that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogkyIXZ1gdo

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    Used to use MailChimp, hit some paid limit at some point and had to buy credits. They also did some annoying interface changes. Then volume of my emails went down, and at around ~500 emails per month I realized that I can just BCC everyone on gmail and it seems to work just as well shrug

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    I'm using Mailchimp and Convertkit. Decide what you need from ESP and check whether they have those tools. There is quite a lot of opinion about one or another ESP. People normally move from one on to another platform until they find more or less what they like.

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    I've moved some lists from Mailchimp over to SendFox, which meets my needs, it's simple but seems to work well. There are a couple of quirks, hopefully they fix them soon.

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    At Synk we use Sendinblue.

    You get:

    • 300 emails/day for free.
    • Free HTML email templates.
    • Free automation (welcome emails, unsub emails).
    • A form builder.
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    ConvertKit as the actual email service provider. I don't like Substack or Revue since you build their SEO domain.

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    Mailchimp, free until 2000 subscribers.

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    Mailchimp for now, switching to something else once it nears the end of the free limit. I used to use VerticalResponse for one of my projects but I hated it, the interface was garbage and outdated, no features. Not sure what I'll be using after Mailchimp, hoping a good one appears on AppSumo sometime.

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    When you hit over 2000 users in Mailchimp it's around $50/USD a month. Bit rich I think.

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      Also once you hit a paid limit, you can't go back to free.

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